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Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance

So I just started playing METAL GEAR RISING. Not a bad game so far, yet for a ninja-type game Raiden doesn't move around as verstaile as say, Ryu Hayabusa.

The lock on system is a bit messy, and the sub-weapons are a sort of a pain in the ass to use since all the aiming and switching takes you out of the otherwise fast-paced gameplay.

There's also some running segments that makes the game feel like SONIC THE HEDGEHOG at times.

I'm playing the game on the Hard difficulty setting and thankfully the game is challenging, though parrying and zandatsu greatly help you to deal with damage.

The support cast is pretty generic and fogettable, but the codec conversations are surprisingly interesting.

Raiden also looks very different from how awesome he looked on METAL GEAR SOLID 4. I really dislike how pointy his nose and chin look. His voice acting has substantially improved however.

Overall, not a bad game, but just so not METAL GEAR. In my opnion they should've named the game differently.