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Just great, first MegaUpload, now FileSonic and FileServe bite the dust.

Both Filesonic and Fileserve have now completely disabled their file sharing service, rendering completely useless to probably 99.9% of their user base. I just as a matter of fact, downloaded what's probably my last file from Fileserve about 2 hours ago.

Man, isn't that just great? I mean, we all know they can't stop file sharing no matter what they do. It's like trying to slay a hydra - you take down one head and another will pop-up.

However, this will be, hell it already has become a major freaking annoyance. No matter what happens it's gonna take a while for people to upload all of their s**t again. And of course the stuff that's gonna get hurt the most and gonna take longer to re-upload is that of the lesser interest or plain obscure one. Which of course it just happens to be what I'm more than often looking for.

So now I have to take my damn netbook to work and keep downloading s**t non-stop from (for me)slow-ass Japanese servers before more servers go down the toilet.

This has to be one of the s**ttiest periods the interent has ever seen.

Thank you US Goverment, the world's police and saviors of the known universe.