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I got a PSP

I've never been much of a fan of portables, outside of my NOMAD which is where I do nearly all of my MD gaming. However a friend was selling his PSP to get the new Vita so I bought it off him.

So now I can play while in the bathroom what is in my opinion the best shooting game of last generation (alongside Shin Contra) the incredibly awesome EARTH DEFENSE FORCES 2. (^^;

Now I can kick some Godzilla ass on the go and on widescreen!

I was really concerned about the controls though, I mean with the PSP analog joystick sucking legendarily and all. The good news is that the game allows you to change controller options to something relatively close to how EDF3 controls on the XBOX 360.

I do have to say I'm terribly disappointed at the lack of shooting games on the PSP. I've never looked into the PSP library before, but now that I have, the system doesn't have that many.

There's DARIUS BURST, STAR SOLDIER and other few quality shooting games, but far from what I was expecting to find.

Oh well, EDF 2 is such a long-ass game and I want it to replay it again so I'm probably gonna stuck with it for a while.