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Biohazard 6


So I finally brought myself to complete BIOHAZARD 6. Honestly, I still don't know what was CASHCOM thinking while making this title. I mean, ever since the 4th entry (my least favourite of the series by the way) they made it clear that they were leaving the survival horror aspect behind, but still. Even for a full action shooting game, BIOHAZARD 6 clearly suffers from an identity crisis.

So it's ACE COMBAT in one part, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG in another. Oh, and those lame stealth wanna-be sequences were just flat-out terrible.

The storyline was also pretty lousy in my opinion, and the main antagonist SIMMONS was a rather weak and uninteresting villain.

The characters were ok for the most part, except for two that rubbed me the wrong way : SHERRY BIRKIN and ADA WONG. SHERRY felt like a clueless environmentalist group member. "Hey look at me, I don't know what I'm doing but I'm saving the world!".

The schizophrenic ADA in turn just wouldn't stop talking to herself. Personally, I found it competely irritating how she described everything she was doing or was about to do. It was like, " to who the hell are you talking to?"

Also, I'm not 100% sure but I think she was voiced by the same person that did the voice acting for the first prostitute you come across in FALLOUT 3.

One thing I can't agree with though, is the way most reviews say the game is riddled with quick time events. Sure, the game has tons of QTE's, but they make it sound like it's in the same range of NINJA BLADE (which received more favorable scores by the way), and it's just not quite the case.

I do agree however that the whole rotating stick QTE's were abused. I mean, I can dig having to rotate it when turning a handle or something like that, but why do I have to rotate the stick to avoid falling from a ledge?

Finally, the gun-wielding human infected enemies (the J'avo) were completely dumb and inconsistent. I really liked the way they would mutate depending on where you shot them, but it was a drag to fight them whilst in human form.

So, for those of you that have cleared the game, what were you thoughts?