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Best of the 7th Generation #2


EYESHIELD 21 is an american football game developed by 8ing and published by NINTENDO. The game is based on the manga and anime series of the same name, which being honest Ive never heard of before prior to playing this game.

Anyway, EYESHIELD 21 is about the only american football game I've ever enjoyed playing (I hate american football), and this is due to the fact that EYESHIELD 21 is in reality a motion-based action game that's only dressed as a sports game. This worked out for the best though, as the motion controls were implemented great into the gameplay, which is very simple but also very fun.

Where the game is really lacking however is on the sound department. EYESHIELD 21 certainly could've used some voice acting, as well as a whole lot more of sound effects during matches. I mean even since the 32-bit generation most sports games have had an in-game commentator. EYESHIELD 21 does have one but it's text-only - something which is very lame for console standards.


I don't know why but for the longest time I thought that DEADLY PREMONITION was a budget-priced western game. When I finally realised it was a Japanese game I thought that it could actually be interesting, and boy I couldn't have been more right!

DEADLY PREMONITION is a fantastic game, specially for those looking for an interesting and superbly-developed storyline. I really can't think of many games that mix creepiness with goofiness as masterly as DEADLY PREMONITION does. Also, the game has so many epic moments, and they're often pulled off better than in many other high-profile games out there.

Technical-wise the game is a bit behind the times, but I wouldn't say it's hard to look at neither. About my only complain in this aspect is how the light of your flashlight comes out from within your character's chest. That looks really lame, but otherwise the game looks competent enough and puts a lot of efford in the little details.

Now for those of you who have yet to play the game, here's a little word of advice : Make sure to not watch any trailers or read any previews or reviews about the game! Trust me, it'll be a lot better if you get into the game without knowing anything about it, as even the slightest spolier would be tragic.


Like I mentioned already in one of my previous posts, I think the critics were way too harsh on LOST PLANET 2. The game has fantastic graphics and it's a real blast to play. It's really beyond me how could anyone think that the game was harder and more frustrating than the original. I mean, if you die this time around, you just respawn until your battle gauge runs out. It's a very forgiving system, actuallty.

I do agree however that the storyline is pretty weak and rather inconsistent. But my main complaint is that the various playable factions just aren't that interesting, and worst of all, for all intents and purposes, they're just model swaps. It would've been nice if they actually played differently or had any unique special abilities.


I don't know why but for some reason there don't seem to be many cla$$ical music rhythm games out there besides the ones based on this manga & anime series. With that said, NODAME CANTABILE is a pretty good rhythm game with incredibly responsive controls. In fact I would dare say that the game has the most responsive motion controls out of any rhythm-based game on the Wii. Some of the control schemes - like how you have to play the violin for example - are very silly, but they work surprisingly well.

Unfortunately the game's production values do not match its amazing playability, as if you take the motion controls and voice acting away, this is basically a DS game.