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Just got ScribbleNauts!

i just got the game today, i need to say that it is one of the best games this gen. there are so many things that you can spwan. it is one of the main reasons to own a Nintendo ds.

Just got BatmanAA

so far the game is amazing, wow that was short but just letting you know. while i was there i also pick up Dissidia:final fantasy for psp, i have not tryed it let but it looks good. that is it.

just beat Rachet and clank TOD

i know it is a little late but i had nothing to do today and i need to say that it was amazing, the really looks like a Pixar movie, in game. i might have to get the next one.

anyways that all i have to say:D

MGS lbp pack!!!

i just got the mgs pack for LBP. i also got old snake. the whole thing was wroth the 8$. any ways i just want to say that i got it, now time to play it.

New super mario bros wii,?

i am i the only person who think that it should be on the ds? it stared off on the ds why make a sequel and put it on the wii? .i love the frist new super mario bros for the ds and i'm sure i would like this one to but i can't help but think if they made it for the ds that it would better. they could of called it new super mario bros 2(still working that one out) and had an online in which you play with four other people. look at little big planet. there online four player is amazing now think about playing that on your ds. i'm not going to make any final judgement on the game because i have not seen enough pic or videos and i'll admit that the game looks fun and i'm going to end up buying it no mater if it's on the ds or the wii. p.s it would be awesome if this was on wiiware. this part looks amazing.:)

yoshi is back!!!