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Youtubing and thoughts on E3 2011

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Wow... GameSpot's changed...

Anyway... how is everyone doing? I don't visit here that often anymore... yet I still get the occasional person following my contributions? Weird.

I started posting videos on youtube again, this time, in person, on a new account:

Paleo's Channel

Wanna know what I thought about E3 this year? Well, I made a video about it as my first non-intro video!

Thoughts on E3 2011

Please subscribe, rate and comment, I'd really appreciate it.

And remember, I don't post here often, but I do have my own gaming blog now that I run with a few other people called PK Gaming:

PK Gaming

If you still follow me and read these blogs for some reason, then thanks! I didn't even know people cared.

Oh yeah, you can also follow me on twitter, if you like:

Paleo's Twitter


Nintendo fans that seem to hate the 3DS? "It's just a gimmick" discuss

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Now that the 3DS is out, and I've seen it for myself. (Though I haven't seen most of what it has to offer yet, I'll be seeing that this Friday when my friend brings over hers with SSFIV.) I thought we would talk about those who are skeptical about the 3DS... our fellow Nintendo fans that seem to cry out, 'It's just a gimmick!' and don't feel the same way most of us do about the system.

It seems like the 3DS is facing the same problems the Wii and DS had during their launches. Both the DS and Wii were called gimmicks, but yet they both held up and are two of the highest selling consoles/handhelds of all time... yet... people seem to not remember that.

I was watching T.V. with my friend the other day, the launch day of the 3DS, and a commercial for it came on. I started talking about the capabilities of the system and my excitement for it... and for some reason, he became hostile... angry... and I have no idea why, because he's a huge Nintendo fan like I am...

What is it with this hostility towards the 3DS?

Is it the price? The time of launch?

I'm not sure if you guys have met anyone who has this unwarranted hatred towards the system, but I've seen at least two cases, and I've seen a few on the gamespot forums, but those are usually self-explanatory.... though there are still some from Nintendo fans.

Respond in a comment here, or go register at Negative World forums and respond there.


PK Gaming

My Top 10 Video Game Franchises/Series, what are yours? (Also, link to a forum)

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Here's mine.

What's yours?

Also, that forum that link goes to is called Negative World, created by IGN posters that were tired of the anti-Nintendo vibe over there. I know there is a big anti-Nintendo vibe at the forums here as well, and that's why I'm showing you this. If you're a Nintendo fan and tired of the ignorance, please join Negative World, it's a great community.

Also, like always, visit PK Gaming.


Pokemon Week! And Top 10 Sea Creatures Not Yet in Pokemon

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I've been celebrating the release of Black/White by making a Pokemon Week over at PK Gaming.

I'll put the list of articles here as they are posted:

Pokemon Week!


Pokemon: I just don't get it (Not by me, but another editor on the blog)

Top 10 Sea Creatures Not Yet In Pokemon

I just beat the Elite Four yesterday, and I have soooo much more to do. I'm loving this game so much. Though I can't wait for inevitable Gray that will probably add the features that were taken out. Do you think it will be for the 3DS since it's so late in the DS's life cycle right now?

If you guys want to trade/battle, please send me a message!

A 7.5?!?!?!?! What the F!

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Now I definitely know GameSpot can't tell a great game when they see it.

I would be okay with this score if they gave the right reasons, but their main reason is 'it's the same formula' when there have been soooooo many changes in this iteration.

Anyway, I'm five hours into the game and I'm having a blast, already seeing just how wrong gamespot is.

Right now I'm reading GabuEx's opinion on the whole thing, and you should too.

I'll have my review of Pokemon up in a week or so, depending on how much time I need.

Anyways, peace out, and visit PK Gaming.


Oh yeah, and Pokemon Hoodies.

Is anybody out there? My Top 10 Games of 2010, also a few reviews

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You see them here. Any opinions on my top 10?

Here are all the reviews I've done since the last time I made a post... I keep forgetting about this site, do people still follow me? I just gained a new person tracking my contributions and I haven't done anything.

Poker Night at the Inventory

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem

Rock Band 3

I'll eventually put these reviews up here, possibly tomorrow... or tonight... I dunno.

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