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I think Mass Effect is a deeper and more enjoyable gaming experience. Regarding the "pausing" issue in Mass Effect, that takes a couple seconds at most, and fractions of a second once you know where everything is and are familiar with the system.
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Why doesn't Xbox Live keep track of how long you spend playing a game, like Xfire? The system is already in place to do this, and there's no good reason not to do it. Someone needs to get on this already.

And speaking of that, if Live does already do this, and I just don't know about it, could know, tell me about it.

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Ive heard there have been a heap of new xboxs breaking down and needed very expensive repairs...RE4WiiGirl

360s fail much less often than they did in the months following the release of the system. Statistically, that should not be a major concern for you.

Would the 360 controls be easy for me to get used to do you think? What about in CoD4, would it take me forever to get used to the new controls?RE4WiiGirl

This I can definitely address. I was a PC-only gamer before the original Xbox came out. To play shooters on the Xbox, I had to go from using a mouse and keyboard to using the Xbox gamepad. It really wasn't that difficult. Twenty minutes of getting used to it, and I was playing through Halo on Normal. The movement in most 360 shooters are very finely tuned to the analog sticks. It's pretty intuitive, at least once you figure out whether you're a "regular" or "inverted" person.

Do I really need a 3rd?RE4WiiGirl

That's for you to figure out. You don't really need any consoles. As someone on another thread here noticed, there are a lot of shooters on the Xbox. If you like shooters, then the Xbox is great. I'd find a friend who has a 360, play some games, and then make a decision.

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I listen to a lot of different things when I play, usually the music in the game. Yes, very lame and uncreative. However, the first thing I thought of when you said that is Paul Stanley's "Live to Win" during a gaming montage:

Leeeerrrrrooooyyyyy Jeeennnkiiinnnsss!!!

So I think I'll listen to that the next time I'm Team Fortress 2-ing or Halo 3-ing or whatever.

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Well, there are some 3rd person shooters coming out too. [Kidding]

The simple answer is market forces. If shooters sell well, developers will make more of them. Shooters are what's popular. If you don't like them, don't buy them. There's this idea amongst gamers-and I'm not saying you think this way-that there is a finite amount of resources in the gaming industry, and if game developers use them making Genre A, then they'll run out and not make Genre B. I'm serious here. There's some idiot out there, trolling message boards, crying in his beer, and complaining that the Roster Update 2000-type sports games are the reason Fallout 3 wasn't made years ago. Oh, did I say "beer"? I mean Mr. Pibb.

I'm sure some people will come on here and disagree about how shooters are the big thing on 360, probably people who own a s***load of shooters. It's like all those people who ranted about how Halo 3 was hyped and overrated, then bought it the first week it came out anyway.

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Someone's going to file a complaint on you for teabagging? Really? Is he going to also file a complaint because you killed him in the first place?

This is symptomatic of the pussification of society in general. People don't work their problems out; they go to the authorities with bogus complaints. This is why there are so many frivolous lawsuits.

Here's an example:

Recently, I was having an E-mail argument with this chick on Facebook. It was back and forth, "You're a jerk/No, you're a jerk" kind of thing. Nothing too serious, and there were certainly no threats made. It ended with her blocking me and saying she would call the cops if I sent her any more. I'm not kidding. You're going to call the cops for an E-mail argument? It's a good thing I didn't disagree with this girl on a message board; she might have called Homeland Security. This chick's become even more of a social pariah at work, since I told everyone about this incident. I'm pretty happy about the whole thing, although it is an example of someone wanting mommy and daddy to solve their problems, instead of manning up and fixing them yourself..

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Ever or just the 360.
Ever Deus Ex, Half Life 1, Planescape Torment were way better than Bioshock

Damn. I saw this thread, and was like, "Ooo, I can go on there and talk about how great Deus Ex and Torment are." But, someone beat me to it. Anyway, I agree, with the exception of Half-Life. I didn't think the story in Half-Life was all that incredible; it was basically an elaborate Doom. What made the game intriguing was the manner in which the story was presented, followed by a very interesting ending.

I do agree with your other choices. Deus Ex is still the shooter/RPG hybrid. I'm sure Biosystem Shock fans out there will disagree. Bioshock is barely a hyrbrid; it's a shooter with some RPG elements. The near complete lack of NPCs in Bioshock bothers me when calling it an RPG. And no, someone chattering on your radio, and finding audio tapes do not make NPCs. There's always someone yacking on the radio in Ghost Recon and you find a million audio logs in Doom 3, but that doesn't make them RPGs. Along with, and somewhat due to, the lack of NPCs in Bioshock is a complete lack of optional quests. And no, finding secret areas or doing annoying things for Gamerpoints do not count as side quests. Deus Ex, on the other hand, completely incorporates these elements.

Torment had an incredibly good story and is one of the deepest games ever made. I was reading online that Torment has two million lines of text in the form of conversations with characters and descriptions of items and events. To put that in perspective, The Lord of the Rings has about half a million lines of text. You know in Mass Effect how you have basically three responses (five if you've pumped up your CHA stats)? In Torment, you'll have a dozen possible responses. It's a really incredible game, and I've never played one where your interaction with the main characters was that involved.

Oh, and why is it always "Planescape: Torment" instead of just "Torment"? Planescape is the Dungeons & Dragons setting where the game takes place. Why's it in the title? No one calls Baldur's Gate "The Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate." Whatever, forget it.

Anyone ever play Strife? There's a shooter with a story, long before people knew such a thing was possible.

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I thought finding the Seekers was annoying, until I got Assassin's Creed, and now I'm trying to find hundreds of flags in the cities. I hate it, but I do it anyway. Why? Gamerpoints, I guess.

I found them all going systematically through every area exhausting every possibility. That's probably not the answer you're looking for. I found 20, and then went through the entire Citadel again looking for the last one. I imagine this is completely unhelpful, but it might be nice to know that someone else had a similar frustration.

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This thread's been done before.

Yeah, kids are annoying on Live. "Kids" are generally anyone under 18. Some reasons for this include:

  • Kids are immature. You can say that many kids aren't immature, but a lot of them are, and a lot is enough. In most cases, when someone's being incredibly obnoxious, it's a younger person. When someone's swearing constantly, telling "your mom" jokes constantly, or giving a bizarre running commentary on the game, it's a kid. I don't have any research data to back this up, but I imagine most people here will agree with me.
  • When kids are immature, they stand out over all the other immature people, because of their high-pitched voices. Anything annoying is always more annoying when it's loud and a kid's voice.

If you are a kid, and this upsets you, consider the following:

  • In a few years, you will cease being a kid, and this will no longer be a problem for you. The passing of time will 100% fix this problem.
  • Keep your in-game comments relevant and professional. You may be criticized for being young, but you won't be criticized for being young and stupid.

Regarding other issues here, I think kids should be allowed to play M rated games. I don't see what happens between 15 and 19 that makes someone magically able to handle simulated violence/profanity/sex. It depends on the person to a large degree, and the authority best able to determine this are parents, for their own children whom they know so well, not the government with a blanket policy.