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I don't know about "everyone," but for people who are into film: 2001. This film couldn't be more boring, and only has any notoriety because of its effects, which at one time were impressive.

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What, I don't have to watch an ad first? Something's wrong here...

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um, is this relationship even legal? she looks 13 to me.


She looks eighteen to me.

Well Said

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Nail 10 other girls. With #11, you will have forgotten her.

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Palantas' April Fools plan: The girl I'm dating and I are Foursquare friends. I'm going to check into several random apartment complexes with memos like "Banging Jenny" and "Nailing Krysten."

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Learn by doing. Ask her and find out.

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I guess someone has to be white and part of the 1% to be racist.

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Can I get people banned from GameSpot using this same approach?

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Porn is ugly. I can't believe ANYONE looks at the stuff. In fact, I don't even like seeing women dressed in anything less than a blouse, leggings, shoes, and bonet -- unless they're swimming of course. Then I expect to seem in their one-piece bathing suit, obviously. It's just disgraceful. Women nowadays are all dancing in their bikinis and having relations with random men. It's a shame on the men, too! That's someone's daughter or son, my good man, have respect!


I cant take anything you just said seriouslyafter seeing your sig.

i suspect trollbait.

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he's being ironic.

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As long as you're paying your bills on time and building a savings, spend your money on whatever you like. Everyone has hobbies.