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Not really. Too many people have been found not guilty due to various evidences. I am highly skeptical of the legal system, particularly when it comes to executing a person.

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Becuase college basketball, Serena Williams, and equals signs on Facebook are bigger news that this.

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My question is, why do some homosexuals like this woman still cling to Christianity? Why not just leave church instead of "sitting in fear"? Any religion that makes you feel unwelcome isn't one worth following.


"Christianity" is a pretty diverse religion. A person can be gay and not have any conflict with their particular flavor of Christianity. (I believe someone around here pointed out that Jesus didn't prohibit it.) However, what I don't understand is why people stay with particular churches that ban some behavior of theirs. Or worse, they go and join a church that disagrees with something they do.

Like, why the f*ck would Palantas go A.) Join a church that says drinking alcohol is against God, and then B.) Complain all the time that this church makes anathema of my favorite pasttime, and C.) Try to get the church to change their position. Why wouldn't I instead go join some church that allows drinking in moderation (as many churches do)? But no, people go and do this all the time, on a whole range of issues.

I don't get it. I theorize that "church" is very much a social thing. People will keep going to a church because they like the people and experience. The theological aspects are secondary to all but the most hardcore believers. So people join churches that don't agree with their lifestyle, then they b!tch about it.

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Why are atheist pushing the gay agenda so hard,we get it you support gay people congrats Bucked20

Because if there is no God, then gays should get married.

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There are plenty of people around here who support hate speech laws, so I don't know why they'd have a problem with this.

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I think everything should have racial quotas. Everything.

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I've seen people on this forum state that the government should pick up the tab for gender reassignment. This kinda seems like the same thing.

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I don't know about "everyone," but for people who are into film: 2001. This film couldn't be more boring, and only has any notoriety because of its effects, which at one time were impressive.