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Palantas and others

Lots of people here like history. I wonder if that's because this board is populated by nerds who have an attraction to tales and stories.

Post Script: Palantas is also a nerd. I am not excluding myself there.

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Where's Mordor rank on that list?



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That doesn't seem to be the real issue. The issue seems to be that these teachers dare express their own views at all.


Maybe so. I still think it's obnoxious for a teacher to confront a student privately and tell them not to support a political cause or party because the teacher personally disagrees with it. It's also obnoxious for an educator to use class time to complain about their salary.

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Vice President of Sales for Central Kansas Box and Cardboard Products, Inc.

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I've been meaning to watch this, as I like anything set in olde tymes that's about violence.

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why americans are happy their govenerment wastes so much money on the army i will never know.


Many Americans aren't happy the way our "governerment" spend so much money on the military.

And there are those who think we aren't spending enough.

They're called the 1%, who own arms manufacturers. I know very few people (e.g., no one) who believes we need to spend more on defense. I think we should compelely restructure the Army, and yes, spend less.

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I saw no bullying ther, I only saw the whinings of a pissy teenager upset that someone dare express opinions that he doesn't agree with.


I don't think an educator has any business telling a student that a political cause they are supporting is wrong. That's obnoxious.

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johnnie walkerMrPraline


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How is the UK still on their?

We've cut the crap out of it.


Because you still have a gigantic navy.