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If you're smart, you'll get it for $2/gallon here. Average price is about $2.25/gallon.

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Terminator 2. One of the best sequels ever made.

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World of Tank 360 is currently having a sweepstakes. Kill a KV-5, the new Tier VIII Soviet tank, and send a screenshot and your gamertag to WoTXbox on Twitter. You'll be put in a drawing for 1,000 gold.

I wonder what all the KV-5 players think of this. You buy a new tank, and then immediately everyone is gunning for you.

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How tragic. Thank you for the response.

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I'm probably going to pick up Titanfall for 360, as it's the deal of the day on Amazon. Here's my question: If at some point in the far future, I should buy/acquire an Xbox One, will my stats and unlocks transfer to my profile over there?

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I stopped sharing games quite a while ago. I stopped sharing games on PC around the time I started buying everything digitally, I never shared games on my phone, and I stopped sharing games on my console when I got a manual back that had been used as a coaster.

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Doing so would create a child grossly unprepared for the world. They'd also be hell to live with.

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well we would just be pissing that money away feeding people, maintaining the infrastructure and educating the next generation anyway so may as well do something good with it instead of that worthless crap.


Yeah. Because that's what we do with the rest of the money. The government provides a model of benevolence and mentorship to its citizens apart from defense spending.

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There is too much trolling on this page.

I've never been comfortable with the death penalty. I feel like we lower ourselves to the level of the one we are prosecuting. It doesn't help that there are innocent people that have been put to death in the past. I'm going to go the fiscally conservative route, and say that I do not.


I don't think we lowers ourselves by putting someone to death. If so, do we not lower ourselves when administering others punishments? If not, why?

I do agree about the problem that there are innocent people being put to death. To execute someone means we already have them in our power. They can do no more to hurt us; we've won. It's too great a risk to then kill them, I think.