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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 4 Jul 13

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I recently bought a Windows 8 tablet, which I may review here. At the very least, I'll review SmartGlass. Running Skype for the first time, I got the following dialogue:

Skype Spies



Microsoft is trying to spy on me!!! Ahhh!!!

When I first saw that box up there on Skype, I had a thought to write a whole sarcastic blog about the perils of tablets and everything else. I don't think I could keep a straight face doing that, though, so I'll be sincere instead.

Seriously people, we've been activating microphones and cameras and carrying them around with us for years. Normal people do not worry about this stuff. Neither should you. If you want to write your legislator about Prism, fine, but don't make decisions about your home electronics based on a lot of paranoia on the Internet.

On an unrelated note...

America F*ck Yeah

...happy Independence Day.