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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 22 Sep 11

I use Bing. I think the results are essentially identical to Google, and I prefer the layout.

If you're still reading--because you're not rabidly anti-Microsoft--then thanks. Microsoft has a program called Bing Rewards which basically pays you for using Bing. You accumulate points, right now one point for every two searches, up to ten points a day. Every day or so, there is also a special offer worth three to five points. (This special offer just initiates a Bing search; you don't have to sign up for anything.)

You can exchange these points for various knickknacks, but notably, you can get the following with them:

  • Microsoft Points (for Xbox and Zune)
  • gift certificates

Microsoft Points are always good for anyone who uses a 360, as many of my readers do. gift certificates are essentially as good as cash, since 50% of all the matter in the universe can be purchased on Amazon. The exchange rate is pretty low, somewhere around 1.2 Bingpoints for ever 1 Microsoft Point. That's enough to buy a few Xbox Live Arcade titles a year. Seeing as I already use Bing, I view it as free money.

I'm mentioning this today particularly, as Bing Rewards is having a special offer...


...worth 25 points, as you can see there. So, if you use Bing, or don't mind using Bing, there's about 20 Micrsosoft points waiting for you. Tell 'em Palantas sent you. :)