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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 16 Nov 11

Gaming news: So I guess Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 has just...

...oh wait, what's that? It's just "Modern Warfare 3"? Oh right, I knew that. Continuing...

Modern Warfare 3 is out now, so I guess I should talk about that s***. Somebody asked me if I was preordering it a while back. My response: I don't think so. I kinda feel like I've already played the game. I got to try out some inside development work codenamed Call of Duty 4. Then I got to play an exlcusive beta codenamed Modern Warfare 2. So I've basically played the game. Don't really see any need to pay money for it. If I was going to play anything, I'd play Battlefield 3, since I didn't play 1 and 2.

In other tech news...

The hacker group Anonymous is supposedly targetting Facebook now, with a porn spam attack or something equally demented. I haven't seen anything on my page or my 300-or-so friends' pages, so like all of their "attacks," I bet this is going to be sporadic and ineffectual. Let's imagine, though, that this was actually widespread, and our Facebooks were now all messed up. How crappy would that be? Even if you don't Facebook much (or are one of the 11 people in the US without one), you can't live in the First World without having some friends who are into it.

For the isolated crackpots who actually support Anonymous, I offer this time for you to argue how messing up a service that people use for free and enjoy is a good thing. And now I politely ask that you stop reading by blog, forever.

Even if you are opposed to big government/business, Anonymous' way of attacking these things is by messing with ordinary people! They were supposedly going to screw up San Fransisco's public transit system a while back. How is that a good thing? How does that help people? It's kind of like Anonymous is Robin Hood, except that his way of punishing the Sheriff for his evil policies is to ride through Nottinghamshire with his merry men, raping, pillaging, and burning the peasantry so that Prince John has nothing to tax. That's not a hero, and why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me.