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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 13 Sep 13

My gaming experience is quite schizophrenic these days. Either I'm playing Deus Ex 3 and Dark Souls, which I think pretty much anyone would argue are a hardcore games, or I'm playing casual games on my phone and tablet. There's nothing in the middle, really. So here's my Friday the 13th post: I'm getting quite good at casual games.

Fruit Ninja

Apparently, Fruit Ninja is free on Windows 8. I just played it on my tablet for the very first time. I played a single game. I got the following achievements:

Ultimate Fruit Ninja

Ultimate Fruit Ninja: Get a score of 200 in Classic Mode

Plus two separate achievements for 50 and 100 fruit.

Fruit Fright

Fruit Fright: Kill 150 Fruit Total

Go Banana

Go Banana: Kill 10 Bananas in one round of Classic Mode

I'm 30/200 after a single sessions and perhaps three minutes of gameplay. Ahh...achievements. I'm not sure I'd ever have started playing casual games if it weren't for achievements.