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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 10 Jun 13

While the Sony conference--which I could care less about--is currently playing live, I was at work during the Microsoft conference. Thus, I don't have a lot to say. I've seen on the news that Xbox One will be $500. I saw on a friend's Twitter that Microsoft Points are going away in favor of actual currencies. Thoughts on both...

MS Points: Good riddance.

The $500 Xbox One: Hey, you know what will be a great idea? Going out and buying the Xbox One within the first week of release. First, we know that Microsoft has no history of releasing subpar hardware that negatively impacts early adopters. Secondly, we know that Microsoft will never release a better version of the console in a few months. So yeah, buy it on Day 1, in fact! It's too bad I can't preorder the thing, just to prove what a dumbshit I am.

Post Script: I was being generous when I said the Sony conference is playing live. It is supposed to be playing live. GameSpot has been telling me "The E3 2013 Sony Press Conference starts in: We'll be with you short..." for the entire time it took me to type this.