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Thought of the Day, 25 May 13

Re., Xbox One.

First, "Xbox One" is a dumbass name. When you mention "Xbox 1" are you talking about the original Xbox, or the Xbox that is actually the third one? It's the Rambo syndrome.

Secondly, shut up about backwards compatiblity. Backwards compatibility has always been a joke. Gamers bitch about it, the same gamers who preorder every single title they play, thus telling the industry that they value immediate satisfaction over graphics technology, writing, voice acting, writing, score, gameplay, or any other possible facet that constitutes a good game.

Gamers are dumb as sh!t. They will buy whatever you plop in front of them, given sufficient marketing. This Xbox backwards compatibility issue is a "versus" one solely. Leave it to that crowd, who are so goddamn stupid that every publisher should refuse to sell them games; no, not even Angry Birds Friends should work for them. They can download and play Snood, and b!tch to each other about how it works better on Linux.