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What is going on with Gamespot?

Guys, guys...haven't you heard? Consolidation is the wave of the future, not s**ting out all your functions to multiple websites. Seriously, between Fuse and GameFaqs, I wonder what is the point of even blogging this bloody blog!

The 60 dollar PC game price point

Awhile ago, I touted the PC new-game max price threshold of $50 as one of the main reasons why PC gaming would never meet its doom. After purchasing STARCRAFT 2 for $60 it dawned on me that I was breaking one of my initial "unbendable" rules; never pay more than $50 for a PC game. The more I thought about it however, the more I realized that if PC gaming is to compete with consoles and thrive, sacrifices are in order. As a somewhat niche-ish customer base (especially those of us with high-end machines), we should not quake at the idea of paying a premium in order to have some true exclusives thrown our way. Let's face it, PC games have cost $50 dollars for a very long time and it is unreal to think that production costs would rise and yet the price would remain the same. It's just something to think about when HALF-LIFE 3 comes out @ $60. And yes I have my fingers crossed.

Bonus points if you spot the hidden first person shooters I hope will also have sequels soon"

The perils of impulse buying

As I looked at my rating history today, I came to an odd conclusion; I sure do rate a lot of games 9.0 and higher. Why is this? It took me about thirty seconds to realize the answer is very simple: I do my research. Almost every game I buy, I have read about at several review sites such as this one. It's my money, and I do not like to waste it on frivolous purchases just because the box of a game is colorful and enticing. Sorry marketing department, I make the rules here. So, this just goes to show that a little patience and *self-control* can go a long way to making a gaming dollar stretch its furthest.

Thank goodness!

Apparently Amanda Bynes is the Brett Favre of acting.

I am glad to see she will be returning to the team and I hope this is a breakout year for us in showbiz. Over the years we have come to associate a level of quality in the acting of Ms Bynes and with her veteran presence to inspire our young rookies, I predict big box office hits. Maybe "She's the Man 2". Dare we dream?