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I'm having this issue too. I tried the Spore news story, must've logged in 3-5 times then came here. Then I went back to the story and I was able to make a comment.

Now I'm having the problem on;title;1 and I've tried the same trick above and I still can't rate or make a comment.


I also have the problem on the page above also. Basically, it's ANY article on the site that I'm having problems "logging in" to post comments. Once again, my RSS/news feed is logged in along with my HD downloads, but I can't post comments at all.

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Besides the fact that pages load in and out of Wide at random, I'm still logged in according the to top bar, but I cannot comment on any news article because the site doesn't recognize that I'm logged in already. I relogin with the little links on the comment section, and nothing happens. Any ideas?
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I wont be buying No More Heroes for the Wii!! Its graphically quite terrible and looks as bad as some of the worst PS2 games! I dont mind not having eye candy but i expect companies to at least take pride in there games! I'll wait and save my money for decent looking titles which are coming on out further down the line later this year.

Keep my money for Medal of honour (^.^)


The graphics are they way they are for a reason. Go buy a 360 or PS3 if you're looking for graphics over gameplay.

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I play casual games, but I'm not a casual gamer on the Wii. I just play them to kill al ittle time, not to kill hours upon hours
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Kane and Lynch. Really, it does blow.
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It was said in the anonymous article by a Gamespot editor. Any review aka video reviews are put in fron tof the review team and THEN released, and since the video review was live THEN pulled shows that the Gamespot editors allowed the review to go live but the higher-ups overrode that. That's cencership on the highest level.

I hope CNET's stock dives on Monday.

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You know, if all of you guys think that your secession from Gamespot or your insurrection toward the Eidos/Gamespot authorities is going to have some kind of impact...

... you're right. But it won't have the kind of impact that you're expecting. You're actually giving Gamespot a lot of attention, and by extension, a lot of press.

Evidently none of you guys have ever heard the expression that any press is good press.

It doesn't matter if they did something unethical. They will get swarms of people coming to their site because of this move. That is NEVER a bad thing.

I can guarantee that most of you guys are only saying that you will cancel your accounts instead of actually doing it. Besides, even if you do cancel it, you'll be back within a month to resubscribe.

Just take a look at all the people who cancel their World of WarCraft subscriptions because they get madand then they come back within 2 weeks, lol.

If you guys are actually naive enough to think that none of Gamespot's reviews have been influenced by advertising and money then you're fooling yourselves. Just think of all of the reviews that weren't written by Jeff. :P

Money influences everything, especially the things that you consider immune. We live in the wealthiest capitalistic nation in the world. If you think for one second that money doesn't have it's sweaty grip on the booming digital entertainment industry and it's journalists, you're living in a dream world, my friends.

Good night.


Not all press is good press.

Ask Don Imus. Ask Barry Bonds. Ask George Bush.

These kinds of things can make advertisers pull their dollars.


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I think the shop is regional based. I know the shop I'm in is only available for the US/canada. I'm not sure if the Bahamas would have a different shop region, but that would definately be something to email Nintendo about.
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They won't unless DLC is made available for the Wii. That's where they're planning on making the bulk of their cash from the game, since the bundle is already being sold at an extreme discount.
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I've got GH3 and Manhunt 2 getting shipped this week for me and about another 10 reserved.