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Hunt For Red October

Better known as Mercury Meltdown Revolution. This 20 dollar title eludes practically the entire US. First Gamestop doesn't know what the hell this title is and when they're getting it even though it's been selling online for 2 weeks or so. Now I go and order it from Amazon since I bought one of their sweet Lightning box deals (every ep of Bean for 15 bucks, SAHWEET!) and the day after Gamestop has 3 in stock. BS I say, just my luck.

Supposedly the departure scan was today, so I should have the game in my box by Saturday. All this anticipation for a 20 dollar game. I'm a sucker for puzzles I tell ya.

Game Suggestion

Right now I'm just debating what to buy for my Wii. There are plenty of title out there on the market right now, but I'm growing antcy of waiting for Mercury Meltdown Revolution to be released. I want something cheap that'll kill a while for me until either GH3 gets here or I break down and order MMR with overngiht shipping.

This is to see if anyone actually READS this...

Guitar Hero 2

Yes, I've been getting back into Guitar Hero 2 in preparation for the GH3 launch later this month. I will be one of those dorks that's camped outside of their local Gamestop in order to be one of the first few to own the game. I've even taken the 28th off of work.

Now I'm not normally a midnight launch kind of guy, honestly this is my first. It's just the fact that this has been the ONLY game in the past couple years that I feel the need to master. Yes I've beaten every song on expert, but I NEED to beat every song with a 5 star rating. It's not just a want.

And so the playing will continue into the near future, at least until launch. I might eventually take a break and run through the Orange Box on the PC, but that's to be seen soon. Although Portal seems to be a short game (so I've read), it might be worth an in depth run through.