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Just realized I missed my three year anniversary..

Just shows how long it's been since I've been on GS..

3 years ago, a young and handsome :P 13 year old signed up for a gaming website. He quickly became absorbed in the website and made friends. He soon gained positions of power as officer of a few unions as well as a leader of one (though it died soon after (sad face)).

However, as our hero grew his time shrunk...

That brings us to now...


Games played:

Assassin's creed Revelations-

Was too similar to Brotherhood to be a very fun installment in the series. Felt like a re mapped AC Brotherhood but overall good game 8.5/10

Batman: Arkham City-

The most amazing game I've played in a while. The acting and animation is par none is this world of continuous innovation. The game's single player campaign is on the shorter side and the ending is quite shocking, but the true meat is in the side mission and the sheer fun of gliding through the city and beating up thugs. 10/10

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception-

Best Uncharted game so far, and one of the best games I've played in my life. The sheer scale and execution of the cinematic missions, the stunning crispness of the animations and scenery, as well as the believable dialogue of the character;s make this a must buy and memorable game for all PS3 owners. 10/10

So there's my update...see you guys tomorrow, next week, next month...hell I have no idea nowadays :lol:

level 25

well i finally leveled up!

between 7 hrs of school (all honors and advanced placement classes)

1.5 hrs of tennis

3 hrs. of homework

and 6 hrs of sleep

every day

i have a hard time making time for myself...or gs for that matter

well see ya folks ol' PSgeek is just a busy beaver in an even busier world

Slow progress |-_-|

Ever since my miraculous return to GS a while back I am still stuck as a lvl 24....WTH!!!

I've been posting and posting and surfing but i've only gone up like 20% is this a the heck have some of you guys become lvl 60-somethings at this rate???

For all those people about lvl 50....I salute you

*does Nazi style salute, then a buddhist bow, and then the palm-fist bow, then a handshake*

As for my life...

I am representing my highschool in a statewide Business competition so that should be fun...

until next time...PSgeek signing out |o_o|

Been a while...

here I am, almost a year after my last blog...

well i'm fifteen now (permit time baby)

high school's a drag and all honors don't help

on the brighter side!

i go tthe new PS3 slim 250gig

i'm finally allowed to play M-games so I got Fallout 3 GOTY and Assassin's Creed 2, and Demon's souls (that games freaking hard!)

well that's it folks..yeah PSgeek ain't dead...just back from a long break

My end of semester exam results!

OMFG! i can't believe I did as well as i did in my exams

the highlights were that I got and 84% in AP human Geo (which with the extra grade point i would get is a 4.2 score for the class) All together 4 A's and 3 B's with a GPA of 3.65 I qualify for the high honor roll Whoo!

well that brightened up my day! ( or should I say night since it's 12:02 am)


I saw sherlock holmes a few hours ago Robert downey jr. is a good actor in my opinion but this movie was lacking the umph! that every great movie has, the energy that you get...Sherlock holmes went along in the same pace even though the movie has many different types of scenes. District 9 is a good example of a movie that masters in pace and suspense

Sherlock holmes gets a 3.9 out of 5

My wniter break so far!

Well apart from renting Marvel:ult. aliance 2, uying ghostbussters and battlefield: bad company ( playing video games till 4 am !!)

I saw AVATAR in 3D and the movie is technically perfect!, though the story is nothing new.

I went to a few parties ( birthday parties, and some i-have-nothing-else-to-do parties)

and I'm kinda bored!

i went to Brunswick zone to bowl with my neighbor and her kids and thier friends but the irony of it is that we didn't bowl!!! man I'm pi$$ed!

KOTOR end game stats

Name: Kwan Tee Po

Lvl.: 20

Time: 20+

Gear: Revan's robes, dominator gauntents,2 red lightsabers, combat sensors

I pwned Malak >_< oh yeah!

ONE year Anniversary at GS yesterday!

Whot ! Whoot!

one whole year at Gamespot!

can't belive it's been a year

some good friends I've had since the beginning:









i look forward to more years on GS!

dang it! got tagge' again!

okayhere they are!

1. I love star wars

2. I like using torrents

3. I like to play tennis (trying out this year during spring)

4. High school is fun...I think so at least

5. Pig's freak me out

6. baby pig's are cute

7. I hate the Shadow Club

8. I'm going to see New Moon in about an hour

9. Book's are always better than the real movie adaption

10. Lord of the Flies sucks...!

11. the 1990 movie adaption of LotF has kids swearing their heads off..which i think is messed up

12. My school has a book on drawing that has pictures of nude people

13. I suck at Pazaak ( if you have ever played KOTOR you will know what i'm talking about)

that's all!

13's my fav. number

I TAG!...