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Im outta here !

So i got 3 times suspended and im really bored in GSPOT.There isnt much thing to here and so i decided to quit.And besides now that we have to get back school/college we wont have enoguh time on Gspot anyway.So better be i`ll qiut.

Bye.....4eva ( i think)

Best Future games For PS3

So there are alot of new games gonna be for PS3,i think this year they can make LOADS os PS3 gams since there oly 146 games (or maby more)

And the nominiess for Best future games on PS3 are :

Naruto,Iron man,Call of Duty 5,Devil may cry 4,Final Fantasy X||,God of War 3,GTA 4,Motorstorm 2,Burnout Paradise,little big planet,resident evil 5,Grand Turismo 5 proloug and Metal Gear Solid :Guns for patrioits.

Well i think there are few more , but these 1s were the oly 1 i saw .

YOUR best game of 2007

Well not all people liked super Mario galaxy .so i thought ov posting your own fav game of 2007

For me i found most impressive Ratchet and clank :tools of destruction and uncharted:drakes fortune.I didnt followed the series for rarchet and clank.buti just found it nice to play.i found it most immpressive .Vote for your own favourite game of 2007 ;)

MotorStorm 2!!!

So we all know Motorstorm , 1 of the first and best games on PS3 , And its having a sequel on PS3 ( i feel sorry who have 360 or Wii,its really a shame they wont get to play it)(i use my bros 360 and Wii to play , hahah)Anyway,they havent annoced yet whens it gonna be but i think it might be in 2008/06/24 .

So the company said they are just gonna advertise for now.Lets hope there will be an offline mode and it might last long enough.

So those who have 360 or Wii , i suggest you buy it caus ,if you ever played it , you would know what am i talking about.

(those who didnt play motorstorm ,Just see the review )

God ov War 3

GoW3 has finnaly has a sequel on .........PS3!!!No 360,Wii and PS2 wil hav it caus it only for PS3, and those who says that a PS3 stinks , thos **** better shut the hell up , caus recently Som games were popular on PS2 ar now on PS3 ( lik R &C) And becaus the consol is really expensive , some people cant afford it( were taking about 600 dollars or mor). Anyway the announced that it ill be in2008 ,March, which date only God ov Games knows.

So who liked the previous God ov war on PS2 will defintly like it on PS3.Let us hope that it wont take much time as Ratchet and Clank.

Ratchet and Clank Got Poular than EVR

Ratchet and Clank got popular than evr.There ratings were really good only 2 sites rated it lower than 9. Sadly Gspot is the only site that rated it low. Below is the Ratings of each site


The game does have a mild learning curve, but everything is accessible. Load times are covered with cut scenes, and while - if you just run through it - the levels can seem a little short, there is a lot to do and to explore rather than take a straight path through the game.

This is truly a magnificent animated 3D game. The characters come alive and everything - from the animations to the environments - is pure eye candy. The cut scenes were derived from in-game assets so you won't find a big disparity between live action and story point.

Sure, the game has what you would expect in terms of plot-driven dialogue, but it is the peripheral sounds that make this game truly fun to listen to.


Some of the puzzle types are familiar, and this is a platformer, so expect to fight, swing and bash crates and cartons - you know, the typical stuff. However, the score here is bumped way up for the way it is all presented. This is not a lackluster presentation, but rather a thoroughly enjoyable affair that never seems to slow down.

Tools of Destruction feels a bit short at times, but that is only when you are just driving through the game, going from point A to point B in the shortest route possible. When you take time to explore, you realize how expansive this game is, and how wonderfully designed. Insomniac did a great job with Resistance: Fall of Man, but Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction shows where its forte lays. This is the studio's second next-gen title and it is truly a terrific bit of gaming.

IGN- 10Presentation
Insomniac has created its most intriguing and diverse universe yet. The story is strong and ends with closure and a cliffhanger (figure that one out), while load times rarely exist.9.5Graphics
"Fantastic" is what comes to mind when describing the sights you'll see. A rock-solid framerate, crazy effects, a terrific art design and environmental activity galore. Prettiest thing on the system.8.5Sound
The recurring V/O cast puts in another high-end (and hilarious) performance. The surround sound effects make the most of your receiver as well and the musical score fits well.9.5Gameplay
Insomniac has the Ratchet and Clank formula down pat and the balance and progression of the shooting/ platforming/ space battles has been refined to award-winning levels. Fun, fun, fun!9.0Lasting Appeal
You're looking at a good 12-15 hour quest the first time through, plus a challenge mode option, tons of upgradeable weapons, plenty of clandestine areas, secret skins, cheats, cinematics and more.9.4
(out of 10 / not an average)See All Award Recipients

Gamespy-Great game , but we excepted it a bit more

Gspot-u all now the score 7.5


Original Rating - the rating the source gave this game as originally published on their site and/or publication.Adjusted Rating - the rating the source gave this game, adjusted for the GameStats rating scale. (0.0 to 10.0).G4 / Tech TV 11/02/075 /5 10.0 Total Video Games 11/01/078 /10 8.0 Spikes Horror Domain 10/30/075.0 /5 10.0 Maxim Online 10/30/074 /5 8.0 PGNx Media 10/29/079.6 /10 9.6 Yahoo! Video Games 10/29/074.5 /5 9.0 PS3 Advanced 10/25/079.5 /10 9.5 RipTen 10/25/079.8 /10 9.8 GameSpot 10/24/077.5 /10 7.5 Game Informer 10/24/079.25 /10 9.2 Gaming Age 10/24/07A- /A 9.0 GameDaily 10/24/074.5 /5 9.0 Play Magazine 10/24/0710 /10 10.0 10/23/074 /5 8.0 10/23/079.4 /10 9.4 GamePro 10/23/075 /5 10.0 UnderGroundOnline (UGO) 10/23/07A- /A+ 9.0 GameZone Online 10/23/079.3 /10 9.3 10/23/078.5 /10 8.5 PSM 10/23/079.5 /10 9.5 PSX 10/23/079 /10 9.0 GameTrailers 10/23/079.0 /10 9.0 Pro-G - Prodigious Gaming 10/23/079 /10 9.0 GamerNode 10/23/079.5 /10 9.5 Game Almighty 10/23/079 /10 9.0 GameTap 10/23/0710 /10 10.0