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Games I Think Should Be Put on the Wii and/or DS

There have been some games that I've been thinking would be good games for the Wii and DS so I decided to make this guide. Anyway, here's what games I think would be good on the Wii and DS.

Chu Chu Rocket!

In this game, you guide some mice threw puzzle stages to get to their rockets and you need to be careful not to run into any of the cats in the puzzle. There is a feature where can make your own puzzles for your friends to play. When this game was released on the Dreamcast, there was a feature where you could hook your Dreamcast to your home phone allowing you to go to a site online that the game featured then you could share the puzzles you made with people online however, since people stick to cellphones generally these days and/or have a different kind of home phone, barely anyone can do that anymore so I'm hoping that Sega will release 'Chu Chu Rocket!' on the Wii and/or the DS and have the Chu Chu website feature available on the Wi Fi. I think they might do that eventually since they did make new games on the Wii for Nights and Samba De Amigo.

Orly's Draw a Story

This was a PC game made by Broderbund that I had when I was little and used a Windows 95 and I loved it. It was one of my favorite PC games but then when my Windows 95 got old and was replaced with a Windows XP, that was one of the games that I came to a dissapointment when it turned out to not work on the newer computer. This game is kind of simular to 'Drawn to Life' only instead of drawing props and charactors for a video game, you draw them for an animated story narrated by the main charactor, Orly. This game was cute and it had humor in almost every part of the game like when you draw a charactor, it has eyes and a mouth so it talks to you some as you are drawing it then if you touch it's mouth or poke it in the eyes with whatever tool you are using, it will have a funny comment on it. The game only had 4 different stories so it did get kind of boring after a while but that's pretty understandable since it was made before computers and video started having more memory. I think this game would defenitly be a good one to re-release on the Wii and/or DS.

Chao Garden

The Chao Garden was a virtual pet feature in the Sonic Adventure games. In it, you raised Chao and kept giving it animals, chaos drives and fruit to build up powers such as flying, running, swimming, fighting and stamina. With the abilities, you could enter them in Chao Races or Chao Karate. You Chao would eventually grow up to be a neutrial Chao but if you gave it a hero fruit or a dark fruit then it would become a Hero Chao or a Dark Chao. Some GBA Sonic games had mini Chao Gardens called Tiny Chao Gardens which featured it's own fruit and Chao then if you hooked your GBA up to the Game Cube then you could put the GBA Chao in 'Sonic Adventure 2 Battle' or 'Sonic Adventure DX' and it would turn out to be a shiny colored Chao. You could transport fruit into the GC Chao Gardens too and they would be special for your Chao. You could also get special kinds of Chao by the what you did with them like a Sonic Chao, a Nights Chao, etc. This feature became a popular part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series but ever since 'Sonic Heroes', it stopped being in the 3D Sonic games then the Tiny Chao Gardens stopped being a feature of the handheld Sonic games since 'Sonic Battle'. This is understandable since it was getting old with the same things but since of there being a new generation of game consols now, I think Sega should have the Chao Garden feature return in one of their Wii Sonic games and/or GBA games then add some special features that the consols have to offer like challenging your Chao in races with other Chao online, having different weather in your Chao Gardens (like in the Nightopian feature in 'Nights Journey into Dreams'), etc.

Virtual Cartoon Maker

In the 2D game era, there where some games where you could make your own cartoon of the series it was themed. Marvel released 'The Spider-Man Cartoon Maker' and 'The X-Men Cartoon Maker' both for PC and they where fun to play. I never got to play the Spider-Man one much since I think you could only have one of those cartoon makers downloaded at a time and so I don't remember it much but I did spend hours playing that X-Men one since I loved X-Men at the time. You put in one of the backgrounds available then you could place in some still pictures and/or drag some animated X-Men sprites around creating a movie. If you had a mic then you could record your voice for the cartoon. The game featured some examples of movies so that you could get an idea of how you wanted it. There was a 'Tiny Toon Adventures' game that was simular and it was called 'Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop'. You couldn't really do as much stuff in your cartoons on it as you could in 'X-Men Cartoon Maker' but it was still pretty good. I never saw any cartoon making games since then until I saw a Nickelodeon game for the PC where you could make different crossover cartoons with various popular Nickelodeon charactors. Unlike the previos cartoon making games I mentioned, it had voice clips of each charactor that you could use for your movie or like the X-Men one, you could record your voice and do the charactors' voices yourself. Something that the game also featured that the other ones didn't was that you could send your work to friends online who have the same game. I think these are good games since they kind of teach kids what it's like to make cartoons and such. I think it would be good if eventually, the Wii and/or DS had their/it's own cartoon making game that you could post online with Wi Fi or send to your friends online.

Sonic Robo Blast 2

This is actually a Sonic fan game that was made for the PC but it's a very good fan game and it's defenitly the best Sonic fan game I've seen online yet. In it, you played as Sonic and co. in their classic versions and went through classic Sonic style stages. Unlike all other 3D Sonic games, you actually go threw stages and get to the marker with Sonic's (or whoever your playing as) face on it like in most of the 2D Genesis Sonic games. I was really impressed with how it was made. Unlike all other Sonic fan games I've seen, it actually has very well made original graphics and music. A feature I find real cool about it is that you can play games with it online with friends and if you have the engine program then you can make your own playable charactors. I feel sorry for those Sonic fans who are Mac users since this game only works for PC. I doubt this will ever happen but I think it would be cool if Sega bought the rights to this game from the owner, SSNTails and released this game on the Wii then had the playing online with friends feature on Wi Fi.

Rant: A Cool Bank From Japan That Will Hopefully Hit the US Someday

In the September 2008 issue of the magazine 'Anime Insider', I read that over in Japan, there's a special kind of bank called a BankQuest RPG Bank and with it, you collect money like any other bank only this time, it gets put in there for more then just having a place to put your money in, there's an RPG charactor on a game screen on the bank and as you collect more money in the bank, the charactor earns more gold to earn better weapons in. When I read about this, I was amazed so I looked it up online and found out that the company that makes it is TOMY. I think this is a good idea for a future product in the US since it would teach kids to save up their money and it would also help teens who have fun with it save their money too. I'm hoping that eventually, TOMY will make a version of it that works for US money then release it in the US. If it does get released in the US then I have a feeling that it will be released in alternate versions with today's popular kids' franchise like Spongebob, Hanna Montana and such. I'm hoping that if it has alternate versions for the US then they'll have a variety of versions where in some, you get weapons, in some, you get cloths, etc. Here are what alternate versions I can see being made.

Spongebob Squarepants: You save up money and Spongebob gets more money to buy better spatulars to make krabby patties with.

Jimmy Neutron: You save up money and Jimmy gets more money to buy parts to make inventions with.

Barbie and/or Hanna Montana: You save up more money and Barbie/Hanna gets more money to buy cloths.

Pokemon, Neo Pets, Petz and/or Tamagotchi: You take care of a virtual pet like in any Pokemon, Neo Pets, Petz or Tamagotchi games and you put money in the bank to save money to buy things for your virtual pet.

Yugioh: You put money in the bank and you get more points in the Yugioh game to buy better cards with.

My Favorite Sonic Cartoons in Order

I felt like listing what my favorite Sonic cartoon series are in order and giving them a description why since I've been a Sonic fan for a long time so here's what I think of them.

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

This is my favorite Sonic cartoon because it's hilarious and it can be pretty cute at times. I grew up with AoStH and I used to watch it every night on Toon Disney until the time changed. Even though it doesn't have any rings, it's still more like the games then any of the other DIC Sonic shows since it's actually featured stages and badniks from the games and has Sonic and Tails together like in the games.

Sonic the Hedgehog (AKA SatAM)

This is my second favorite because it's got an interesting plotline and it can also be cute at times. The charactors are very enjoyable in this one and it's got alot of fun adventures. It references the games some since the charactors besides Sonic, Tails and Robotnik are based off of the little animals that Sonic frees and how it features power rings sometimes.

Sonic Underground

This one is has an interesting plotline just like SatAM does and the charactors are still enjoyable but it's still not better then SatAM. Unfortunentally, unlike the other ones, it's barely like the games and Tails isn't even in it but it's still a good series and I love that they featured Knuckles in it.

Sonic X

This is my least favorite since it's not really as enjoyable as the other ones and the featured human charactor, Chris has most of the screen time in the first season plus 4Kids gave it alot of bad edits and voices making the english version terrible. The Japanese version is still good but still not as good as the other Sonic cartoons. The best part of it is how it adapts the games sometimes and it's got songs playing in the background at special times like in other anime series.

Games Altered for the US

Recently, I've been finding out about Japanese games that's theme was completly altered for the US and/or other countries and I've been trying to find out how many there are. Here are the ones I've found out about so far.

'Puyo Puyo' - 'Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine' and 'Kirby Avalanch'

'Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru' - 'Yo! Noid'

'Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic' - 'Super Mario Bros. 2'

'Ranma 1/2' - 'Street Combat'

'Bubble Bath Babes' - 'Mermaids of Atlantis'

Circle Time/Mini Movies shorts

I remember on Disney, there used to be some 5 minute shorts that aired between kids' shows and I decided to make this topic to see who here remembers them. First before I list them, I'm going to remind you that the time where they aired was called 'Circle Time' for a while but then for some reason, Disney decided to change the name to 'Mini Movies' and used the name 'Circle Time' for a short segment they had on there where a guy tells a story to some little kids. Anyway, here's the list.

Pattington Bear

This one was barely ever airing when I watched Disney in the morning so I barely saw any episodes. All I can remember is that it was a series about Pattington Bear that's animation was just cut out paper pictures of the charactors being used like puppets.

Curious George

This was not the new Curious George series that's on these days, it was a Curious George series that's episodes based directly off of the books. This one is probably the most known of the Mini Movies since Curious George has been popular for a long time. Some of it has been released on DVD but unfortunentally, the only DVD(s) that it's on is just 1 episode of it then one episode of 2 different other shorts.


This one and 'Curious George' are the most recognised ones since they have both been popular for kids. It was a cute series based off of a book series about a yellow puppy named Spot who loved to play games, hang out with friends and such. Something weird was that on VHS, the episodes used voices for the charactors while most of the time on Disney, it was just a narrator doing all the voices.

Will Quack Quack

It was also based off of a book series. It was about a duck named Will who always said "Quack" at the end of each sentence. It had some good running gags like how Will would always slam the door behind him not thinking and it would cause something to fall on his Dad's head.

Microscopic Milton

This is probably one of the least remembered ones (although someone posted some episodes of it on YouTube recently.) Un-like most other Mini Movies, it's not based off of a book. It was about a microscopic guy named Milton who lived in an old clock that belonged to a woman named Mrs. Witherspoon. No human could see him but animals could and he was buddies with Mrs. Witherspoon's Dog, Dougles. I think this was probably the funniest of all the Mini Movies in my opinion. It's funny seeing how Milton see's stuff since of how tiny he is and sometimes he causes human charactors to see things that are bizzare to them since they can't see him so they don't know what happened/what's going on.

Pablo the Little Red Fox

It was a cute series about a fox named Pablo and he friend and they always went on fun adventures and such. This series didn't start airing on Disney until later.

Pokey and Friends

It was a series based off of books of the animal charactors that the Golden Books company made. There where several main charactors and none of the charactors from any of their stories ever met each other (I guess it would have done better as one of those tv block shows despite those not being made anymore.) This one has been released on some VHSs and I own 2 of them.

Animal Stories

This is the only one I haven't seen anything of nor heard from since it was on Disney so it's probably the least known one. Each episode focused on one animal going threw a situation and learning stuff and it was pretty funny. I especially enjoyed the one where the Gerbal steals things and hides them in his cheeks then learns that stealing is wrong.

Rant: Why VideoNow Is a Waste of Money

Before I start this rant, I want you to know that I'm not trying to effend anyone who has a VideoNow system, I just felt like I had to make this rant about why VideoNow is a waste of money and such. Anyway, here's the rant.

First, I'm starting off with this history of the VideoNow! First, it started out in black and white and why the heck would anyone want to buy it if the videos for it where in black and white? It was obvios that it would come out in color the next year since there's already been different things that's started with black and white then later had a new version that was in color (like the Game Boy) and that's what I predicted about the VideoNow then the next year, just like anyone would have prodicted it came out in color and the videos to the first VideoNow system wouldn't work on the new version (as I've heard) so anyone who bought VideoNow the first year has wasted their money. They should have started with releasing the system in color in the first place because releasing the first version in black and white would lack them more buyers. After VideoNow in color was released, the next year they released it in even better quality which wasn't really as predictable and I'm very sure anyone who got VideoNow in color the previos year was very frusterated seeing they wasted their money the previos year when they could have gotten better quality the next year. The reason why I think VideoNow is a waste of money in general is because it really isn't that different from GBA video nor DVDs on a DVD player that you can take anywhere and watch them on and if you want something you can play DVDs and games on that you can take anywhere then you can just get a laptop or a GBA. Sorry, I forget if VideoNow fetures games or not but I could be getting it confused with the Juicebox system. The Juicebox I find better then VideoNow but it's still not anything compared to a laptop nor ordinary computer since your computer pretty much does all of the same things plus more if you have more stuff for it that helps you be able to do more cool stuff like if you want to record videos then get a digital camera and record videos with it then hook it to your computer. Anyway back to the subject about VideoNow! something that makes me mad about the VideoNow is how CN and Nick are releasing more of their shows on it then on DVD. Nickelodeon barely has any of their shows on boxsets and CN doesn't have much of their original shows on boxsets in the US but on VideoNow, you see more collections of their series, not full seasons but more episodes on there then there are released on DVD. I'd love to have more complete seasons and series of more of CN's original shows (Mostly older ones) but sadly not much come on boxsets in the US however Austrilia has gotten very lucky to have more complete 1rst season boxsets of CN's older original shows like 'Johnny Bravo', 'Cow and Chicken', 'Courage the Cowardly Dog', 'Dexter's Laboratory' and such and they even get the same original CN show seasons on DVDs that the US is getting. The only Nick shows I know of that have come to boxsets are 'Spongebob Squarepants', 'The Ren & Stimpy Show' and 'Invader Zim'. I would love to have more Nicktoons on boxsets like 'Fairly Odd Parents' and 'Jimmy Neutron' aswell as some good Teen Nick shows like 'The Amanda Show'. Right now, the ones I mentioned are only on Individual Episode DVDs but have more episodes on VideoNow. Anyway, that's all for this rant!

Does Anyone remember the Smoking Cigarette Barbie skit on Jay Leno?

I remember when I was younger, one time my Mom was watching 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' and there was this hilaious skit that was a fake Barbie Doll commercial called 'Smoking Cigarette Barbie'. Anyway, there was a little girl playing with the Smoking Cigarette Barbie doll and she was impressed with what she could do and the Barbie doll said "And that's not all!" then the Barbie doll turns wrinkely. There was this Ken doll that chewed tobacco and when you squeezed him, he'd spit tobacco out of his mouth. The girl says "Oh no! Barbie smoked in bed!" and you see a Barbie house lit on fire. It then shows a display of the Smoking Cigarette Barbie doll, the Tobacco Chewing Ken doll and the Barbie House that is lit on fire and the announcer says the usual stuff about Barbie toys including "Each sold sepertly!". I remember I about died laughing about that skit and I'm curious if anyone else remembers it.

A List of Morals that should be used in Kids' Shows

Since of the rant I just made, I decided to write a list of what morals should be used in kids' shows. Yes, most of these morals are from the Sonic Says segments from 'Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' but I still like seeing them in other shows too since they are good for kids to see.

. If you are in trouble, call the Police but only call 911 when it's an emergancy because if they get distracted by a prank phone call or anything that isn't important then it could cause trouble for people who do need the Police and/or Firefighters.

. It's always good to share.

. Say no to sexual abuse.

. Everyone has something special about them.

. It's bad to play on roads and train tracks.

. It's rude to vandalize other peoples' walls.

. Memorise your whole phone number incase you get lost.

. Always wear sunblock.

. Trees give oxygin so it's good to plant a tree.

. Always tell your parents were you are going before you wander off.

. Always be aware of your surroundings and don't listen to music too loud.

. If something sounds too good to be true, it probbly is.

. Reading is fun and it's good for you. It's also good to check books out at your Public Library.

. Don't get into cars with strangers.

. Eat healthy foods and always have a good breakfast everyday.

. Don't run away from home.

. Listen to old people. Sometimes they know more then you!

. When in a Car, Bus or any other vehichle, always wear a seat belt and never distract the driver.

. Stealing is wrong.

. If you have a pet, take good care of it!

. It's always good to recycle.

. Stay away from poisen ivy. If you get stung, get help!

. If your parents aren't around, never answer the door for someone you don't know.

. Learn to ride a bike safely, take care of your bike and give it safety checks and always wear helmits, elbow pads and knee pads to keep yourself safe and the same goes for skating too.

. Don't dive into shallow water nor swim in dangerous waters and don't go swimming on your own. Make sure you have a Lifeguard or a friend with you.

. Don't climb into a washing machine or dryer.

. Don't give into peer presure.

. Don't smoke, take drugs from friends or people you don't trust nor take alchole and don't take medicine that isn't for you.

. Laws are there for a reason.

. If you get a cold, take care of yourself and drink plenty of orange juice.

. Cheaters never win.

. Save your money for something good.

. Play safe at the Playground.

. If you are bored, use your imagination!

. Don't touch animals you don't know.

. Stay in School!

. It's always good to excercise every day, stretch out before and after you excercise and never excercise too much or you'll stress yourself.

. Don't join Crime Gangs or you could end up in Jail or at Military School.

. Get your parents to help if you spill anything you don't know.

. Don't play with real guns, knives or swords or you could hurt or even kill someone.

. Don't mess with Electrical Stuff on your own (or with a friend close to your age) and don't cook or use an oven nor any other machines without a parent around.

. Keep Babies away from dangerous stuff and never leave them alone.

. Don't play with fire and if you ever get caught on fire, put a blanket around (if there is one near you) and then get on the floor and roll around until the fire is out.

. Learn to use a computer because they can teach you things and never give out personal info online.

. Always brush your teeth after every meal.

. Never imitate any dangerous stunts you see on tv shows.

. When watching TV, never sit too close to the tv nor watch it in the dark because it's bad for your eyes.

. It's okay to be afraid because everyone is afraid of something.

. Money doesn't buy happyness and always be thankful for the things you have.

. Hollidays are about being with family!

. Just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they are bad! It's how they are on the inside that counts!

Random Entry: Favorite Colors

I thought I'd just make a random blog post about my favorite colors. Anyway, here they are!

Purple: A very beautiful color! Also the color of Grapes and Grape Juice which are my favorite fruits and juices.

Pink: Also a very pretty color and it's the color of good tasting sweets.

Red: Makes me think of my crush since it's his favorite color.

Blue: The color of Sonic.

Green: The beautiful color of nature.

Orange: Makes me thirsty for juice sometimes.

Yellow: The color of delicious flavored Starbursts.

A List of Commonly Used Cartoon Episode/Scene Ideas

I noticed that many cartoons seem to share alot of the same episode/scene ideas so I decided to write a guide to which ones are the most common used.

. Charactors have a race and the least expectable one wins.

. A charactor is beleived to have died and everyone cries about it but then it the charactor wakes up and turns out to be okay. (Also commonly used in movies aswell)

. A charactor or most charactors get turned into babies or old people.

. Some charactors get shrunked (generally referencing 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' ) and sometimes ends up in someone's body.

. 2 charactors (or every charactor) switches bodies (Generally referencing 'Freaky Friday' ), super powers or lives.

. A charactor becomes a giant.

. A/Some charactor(s) get super powers for 1 episode. (Generally referencing various Marvel and DC comics, especially Superman)

. A/Some charactor(s) see a scary movie thinking that they won't get scared then after seeing it, they are frightened that it's real.

. Some charactors go Camping and they are afraid that a Bear or some other creature will attack them (and sometimes a Bear or other creature will appear).

. A charactor causes trouble for some friends and/or family and wish that he/she didn't exist then a Ghost will show the charactor what the world would be like without him/he. (Based off of 'It's a Wonderful Life' )

. 'A Christmas Carol' is played out by the charactors in the TV Show.

. 'Star Trek' is played out by the charactors in the TV Show.

. 'Star Wars' is played out by the charactors in the TV Show.

. 2 (or sometimes 3) charactors have a huge argument/fight and so they split up and never want to see each other again then they start to miss each other so then they meet again (and then sometimes end up arguing/fighting again). Sometimes, they draw a line in the middle of a place so that they have their own seperate sides.

. Some charactors are remembering different moments and different flashbacks from previos episodes are shown.

. A charactor hears an adult saying a swear word then keeps saying it anoying everyone else then the adult tells the charactor that it's a bad word and it shouldn't be used. The swear word is usually rather censored with sound effects or is just a made up word for the show.

. Something unusual happens then a charactor wakes up from a nightmare then sometimes something else unexpected happens and rather the same charactor or another charactor wakes up from a dream. Sometimes it happens more and sometimes someone wakes up and it takes place in an oposit universe.

. A charactor has to use the Bathroom but can't get to it so it ends up using the Bathroom in an unusual spot.

. 2 charactors or more get stuck together litteraly.

. A charactor has an imaginary friend and sometimes at the end or later in the episode, the imaginary friend turns out to be real but invisible.

. A/Some charactor(s) is in a bathtub and gets sucked down the drain and in shows for younger kids, it teaches that you can't get sucked down the drain.

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