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Been over a year...

Wow, its been over a year since I posted anything to Gamespot. Quite a big change from when I last used it.

Last time I was here, I was playing through Final Fantasy 7 and posting what was happening in the game. Thinking about picking up where I left off, if I can find my saves.

Anyone still read these things?

FF7 Progress: Disc 1 - 12:09-15:51 - "Fun at the Gold Saucer"

I believe I skipped a section, from the last update at 7:03 to where I got to Costa Del Sol. I lost my progress sheet when I built my new computer. Anyway, here we go.


I left Costa Del Sol, and went through some caves to get to what seemed like a rollercoaster area. It was all broken down, and some of the trackes fell apart as I walked on them! As I went around, I found a switch to lower a bridge, which after using I saw the rest of my party cross. As I was walking away from the switch, I heard a lot of loud chirping, so I decided to see what it was. It was a nest of cute baby birds! :D I had the chance to steal from them, but decided not too, and Tifa praised me for it.

After crossing the bridge, I arrived in Corel. I found Barret there, who seemed to be hated by the townspeople. The entire area looked like a garbage dump; there was debris and scrapmetal everywhere. As I spoke to the townspeople I learned that the area had been destroyed long ago. I continued on, and found a gondola and the rest of my party. After a short conversation, we decided to get on it.

What was on the other end? Why, none other than the Gold Saucer! The biggest amusment park in Gaia. As soon as we arrived, Barret god angry. He said that it was because his home near there was destroyed, and that we shouldn't be having fun while Sephiroth is still out there. He ended up storming off in anger.

I decided to take Tifa with me (of course) to have some fun while we were here. First we visited the Ghost Square, a creepy mansion. It cost GP to stay at the inn there, and we didn't have any. Instead, we checked out the shop, which wasn't anything special. After that we took a ride on the Round Square gondola. It was nice and slow, and we got to see the entire area. Next, we took some bets at the Chocobo races, but lost. I wanted to try to have a go at the Battle Square, but they had it closed for some reason. We also took a ride on the Speed Square rollercoaster, where you have to shoot enemies that pop up as you fly past them. Didn't score too high, not even 3,000 points.

When we arrived at the Wonder Square, we were greated by a strange big white marshmellow-looking fellow (which was apparently a robot) with a cat on his head. His naim was Cait Sith. He tried reading our fortune, but it made no sense. So he tried again, and a couple more times. Finally he read a fortune that said, "What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose something dear." Now what could this mean? (I think we all know now, unless you haven't played the game). Suprised by his fortune, Cait Sith decided that we must take him along with us, to see what this fortune is.

After a bit more fun, I decided it was time to find Barret and be off. But when we arrived at the Battle Square looking for him, we found instead that everyone there had been slautered. There was blood everywhere, and only a single person left barely alive. They said that the man who did this had a gun-arm, and then passed away. Why would Barret do this? At that moment, security ran in, and appreheded us, and threw us down a pit.

At the bottom of the pit, we found Barret in an abandoned house. He pointed his gun at us, said "Didn't I tell you not to come here!?" , and shot. Luckily he was aiming at someone hiding behind the couch there. He told us about how he got his gun-arm, and how there was another that had a gun-arm like him...

His vilage had just got a mako reactor built in it, even though it would ruin their history of coal mining. For some reason, Shinra decided to burn the city to the ground. When Barret (and Dyne, who was with him) found out, it was too late, the city was engulfed in flames. As they were towards their village, they were ambushed by a group of Shinra soldiers. They began firing at Barret and Dyne, but couldn't hit a thing. Scarlet then arrives, knockes a soldier off the tracks (of the roller coaster area mentioned earlier) and has the rest cover her. They becin shooting again, knockind Dyne off the ledge. Barret manages to grab his hand, but a bullet hits their hands, and Dyne falls down to darkness.

So then, we go off lookin for Dyne, since Barret has a score to settle. We end up finding him not too far off. He started talking about how he lost his wife, and his daughter Marlene in the blaze, and how he wants to destroy everything. Barret tells him how Marlene is still alive back in Midgar, but Dyne says that he wants to take her to be with her (dead) mother, and that him and Barret must fight. A 1v1 battle with Barret occurs, and of course he comes out victorious. Dyne then says that he can no longer carry Marlene, and gives Barret an old pendant to give to Marlene, which was her mothers, and jumps off the nearby cliff.

Now to get out of the desert. We find that the only way to do so is to be picked as a Chocobo racer and win. After showing the boss of the area the pendant we got, he allows one of us to Race. Of course I get picked to be the one. I ended up losing the first race, as I forgot how to do it, but the second one I remembered the stamina-regen trick and won. We were able to escape the desert, and as a bonus we got a buggy that can cross the desert and shallow waters!

Later on, we came accross what looked like an old, broken down factory area. On the way in, we ran into Reno and Rude of the Turks, and battled them. After our victory, we headed for the factory area. It ended up being a broken down Mako Reactor. As I approced, a shinra helicopter arrived, and out came Scarlet. I went and hid, and overheard her talking about how they need a huge Materia to power a great weapon. They leave the area without taking a single thing. I looked in the old reactor and found the Titan Materia. How stupid of them. :P

Not far away I came accross a small village. I learned that the reactor had exploded some time ago. One of the houses had two elderly people in it, who asked if we knew about their son, Zack. They said he was Soldier First Class. Upon hearing that, Tifa and Aeris seemed suprised and left. When I asked Tifa why, she said that it sounded just like me, leaving town to join Soldier. Aeris said that Zack was her first love, and that she never knew that he had lived there.

As we continued traveling, the Buggy broke down, right in front of Cosmo Canyon...

Current Party:

Nate (Cloud)

lvl 26 - 41077 exp

Wpn: Force Stealer

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Protect Vest


lvl 25 - 39618 exp

Wpn: Grand Glove

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Power Wrist


lvl 25 - 36679 exp

Wpn: Fairy Tale

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Talisman

"You can shoot all day and never hit them with aim like that." - Scarlet

*YAWN* What a nap!

I just woke up from a more than 6 month nap on Gamespot. I now plan to try to continue where I left off in Final Fantasy 7 and continue posting the FF7 Progress blogs too.

Was on Vacation, Got a DS

I was on vacation for the past week and a half, hence the lack of updates for my FF7 progress. I'll post it later tonight.

Anyway, at the end of June I ended up getting a job working in a GM plant. I'm not a GM employee, but rather an employee of a company working with GM.

With the money from my first paycheck, I ended up buying a DSi and Pokemon Soul Silver. No I don't want a 3DS, I'll probably end up buying a Vita.

During the 2 week plant shutdown I went with my dad up north here in Michigan to work on my grandpa's old house, which my dad is buying from him. I ended up playing a ton of Pokemon, and a little bit of FF7. Not nearly as much FF7 as I wanted to though.

Look out for my FF7 progress update blog coming soon.

FF7 Progress: Disc 1 - 7:03 - "Departure"

See "Intro"

We last left off at the 67th floor of Shinra Headquarters.

After I took an elevator up to the 68th floor, I ran in to Hojo, and Aeris in a large container thingy. He brought a red lion looking beast into the tank, with the intention to breed it with Aeris. Kinda gross right? Anyway, Barret shot at the door of the container, causing it to malfunction. In all the confusion, the lion broke out and attacked Hojo. The lion could talk! He introduced himself as "Red XIII" (13 for those who can't read roman numeral), the name Hojo gave him. We siezed this opportunity to rescue Aeris. Soon after, we got in a fight with one of Hojo's creations.

I ended up naming Red XIII "Nanaki". If you don't know why, please go play the game.

Anyway, after getting in another elevator, we were ambushed and taken prisoner by the Turks. After a short talk with President Shinra, I got to share a prison cell with Tifa :D. After a little while of sleep, I woke up and noticed the door to my cell was open. Went outside and found that the guard was dead. Got the party together, and followed a trail of dead bodies to a metal container that had been broken open. It was Jenova's container. We followed a blood trail all the way up to the President's floor, only to find a sword in President Shinra's back. Sephiroth's sword.

A chubby fellow named "Palmer" tried to run away right then, when we caught him. He told us everything that happened. Sephiroth took Jenova and killed the President, not wanting them to reach the Promised Land. Then a helicopter appeared and Palmer ran off. Rufus, the President's son was on it. I told everyone to escape while I battled with him.

As the team traveled down the building, Tifa decided to stay back and wait for me (aww) and let Aeris, Barret, and Nanaki press on. As they got to the elevator and started going down, a killer machine appeared on the adjacent elevator! Killed it easy.

Back to the battle with Rufus, wasn't that hard, but he escaped. I went down and met up with Tifa. Everyone met up on the bottom floor, as I rode down on a motorcycle I mysteriously acquired. Everyone else got in some weird truck with 3 wheels. Anyway, I had to escort the truck down a highway as enemy motorcycles came up and tried to bash into it. I just kinda poked them with my huge sword and they were dead. Suddenly the highway ended and we had to fight yet another huge machine. Killed it with ease.

After we killed the boss on the highway, the group deceded a thick wire down to ground level. Time to leave Midgar.

Current Party:

Nate (Cloud)

lvl 14 - 6853 exp

Wpn: Hardedge

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Protect Vest


lvl 13 - 5394 exp

Wpn: Metal Knuckle

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Star Pendant


lvl 12 - 4073 exp

Wpn: Striking Staff

Arm: Mythril Armlet

Acc: Talisman

"A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them."

- Rufus

FF7 Progress: Disc 1 - 5:37 - "Intro"

See Playing FF7 Again

I indeed will be doing the progress updates. In the title I will say what disc I am on and the current time spent in game. I will also try to end every blog with a quote that was said in the game between the last update and the current one.

I also changed my avatar, which I have NEVER done, to Tifa. It will be Tifa for the duration of my playthrough.

Anyway, its been several years since I last played FF7. The first thing that immediately hit me was the music. Nobuo Uematsu created a truly magnificent soundtrack to accompany the game, sparking emotion at every turn. The mixture of the music and the general atmosphere of the Sector 7 slums created some nostalgia that hit me hard.

I named the main character Nate, after myself. I will leave all the other characters with their default names.

I went through, blew up the two reactors, blah blah all that good stuff.

After Tifa got captured by Don Corneo, I had to save her, but the only way to was to dress up like a girl. I ended up getting a silk dress, blonde wig, diamond tiara, sexy cologne, lingerie, and some makeup. With this, Don Corneo chose me to be his lady for the night. Big surprise for him.

For some reason Shinra decided that the best way to kill a small group of people was to crush an entire sector of their city by destroying a support beam. Really stupid, and we ended up escaping.

Right now I am infiltrating Shinra headquaters on a mission to save Aeris. I chose the stealthy way in, up the thousand or so flight of stairs. Currently on floor 67, just finding one of Hojo's "biological experiments" and a headless Jenova.

Character Info:

Nate (Cloud)

lvl 13 - 5124 exp

Wpn: Buster Sword

Arm: Four Slots

Acc: None


lvl 12 - 3864 exp

Wpn: Metal Knuckle

Arm: Carbon Bangle

Acc: Star Pendant


lvl 12 - 3802 exp

Wpn: Assault Gun

Arm: Mythril Armlet

Acc: None

"... no one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it."

- Nate (Cloud)

Playing FF7 Again

I started playing FF7 again the other day. This runthrough, which will be my third one, I will bring a certain character back to the party after they decide to leave. If you don't know who or what I'm talking about, I feel very bad for you. Since I have no PS1 gameshark, I will have to use an emu, but don't worry I will use my legit FF7 discs so its not illegal or anything like that.

Depending on how lazy I am, I might post my game progress every so often.

Sony's E3 Conference

It blew me away. PS 3Dtv is awesome. Uncharted, a game which I've played none of the series, is now a must have for me. Vita makes me wish an employer would call back as soon as possible, also makes me wonder why it has cross game voice chat when the PS3 doesn't. On top of all that, the PS3 exclusive bonus content makes me love having a PS3. Oh, and don't forget the live DJ.

Really looking forward to what Nintendo has to offer.