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"Hey PJ! You Haven't Been Around Much? What Have You Been Doing"?

Well I'm glad you've asked invisible person! I've been: Spray painting my hair green  David Bowied myself up :P  Been incredibly happy about getting executed  Met Sonic the Hedgehog  Performed my best Mario impression  And of course...Rock Band!:    Howdy people! Just thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive...I know, I've done the "I'm still here" here blog quite a lot this year. I do really want to come back and chat with you peeps again but it has been difficult with uni work and uh...the other things I've been doing above. :P I'm going to try and find time to do more blogs and to comment and catch up on what all you guys have been doing. I really do miss the blogs and I do want to be...back in action as such :) And Kat! For the last time don't...

Tumbleweed...Oh dear...

Long time no see huh? I can't really give a very good excuse for my absence from the site. It was general 'I'm busy at uni stuff' really and I probably should have said something. :( However for a little bit at least I'm back now. Anyways, got a few ideas for blogs stirring around in my head so I hope to be back up and running very soon. :) Not really a whole lot to report on the gaming front apart from Rock Band really. Very much looking forward to catching up on all the games I've missed though. :D So...How it been with you guys? :)

Merry Christmas to Gamespot!

Just wanted to say merry Christmas to all the Gamespot peeps. Pink Robots for all! :D  I would write about my gaming goings on here but there really isn't very much to say. Playing through the Pirate of the Caribbean DLC on LittleBigPlanet is about all I've done. :P. Pretty good by the way, the last level in particular is a highlight. ;) So yeah...nothing much to report...err...look a festive cat!  Don't think Kat has used that one yet :P Anyway, Merry Christmas! :D

Great Songs I have Discovered in Music Games...Alex Chilton

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXNN7PkViRs&feature=related Discovered in Rock Band 2 Now, In Rock Band 2 this song is quite an average one to play but one I really like listening too! The song at the start is mostly mindless mashing on the guitar though it does get a bit more interesting near the end with some elegant sitar parts thrown in. :) There seems to be something quite catchy about it to me and it does have an energetic quality to it...always feel strongly...'dancy' when I hear it...if that makes sense :P Enjoy!

The Big Five-Ohh

Wow, soon I'm going to start calling people sonny and start talking about 'the good old days of Gamespot' :P Been a while since I've wrote a blog like this. Due to a combination of busyness and...well, I haven't really been playing many games apart from a few games of Rock Band, though I have to admit, those were great, I will never get tired of introducing new people to it and hearing them say "You have THAT song!" :P. I've been playing of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Overall it's a great game that really grew on me after a while, it kind has that Smash Bros thing going on where you feel compelled to acquire everything you can. Though I have just encountered the hardest thing you have to do in the game...don't think I'll ever do it :( Uni life has been treating me well so far except for the :insert complaint about assignments here:. Already had some very interesting moments in the drama club. Yup, that's what I'd call dressing up as a fairy...interesting. Turns out I have a pretty good psychotic laugh too...I let you decide whether that is a good thing or not :P Wow...can't reallt think of anything else to write...really out of touch with the blogging I guess. So yeah...what have you guys been up to gaming wise? :)

Great Songs I have Discovered in Music Games...Green Grass and High Tides

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvD75auiLHc&feature=related Discovered in Rock Band If you're familiar with Rock Band you may have heard of this one. It's the only song on the first Rock Band game that I couldn't beat on guitar...despite that I still love it. It's a very long song which is almost 10 minutes long. In that time you get a two pretty soulful baled parts to the song and two solos...the second of which I've never been able to get past on expert. :( Still, it's a blast to play and it's definitely a song I recommend listening to :) Enjoy :)

Great Songs I have Discovered in Music Games...Renogade

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXhuso4OTG4 Discovered via Rock Band DLC Not only do I think this song is awesome it also got me curious about Styx in general. And now I'm a fan in general (Mr Roboto rocks!). I love the build up at the start of the song which leads into the energetic chorus with some very catchy lyrics. Personnally I think this is a great song to sing and not bad on the guitar either ;) Enjoy! P.S. I'm aware Mr Roboto is in Band Hero...and yes it was tempting...:P

Great Songs I have Discovered in Music Games...Train Kept A Rollin'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3fnd3nRpA Discovered in Rock Band 1 I will admit, I not too huge a fan of Aerosmith but this one of my favoarte songs (if not THE favourate song) to play on guitar. It has five solos! What more could you want? The song itself is pretty good too (even if I'm not too big a fan of the bands work), I partically like the drum interlude in the middle. It's a great build up to the second, faster half of the song. ;) Enjoy! :)