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I think they did a great job of updating and rebooting max Payne without loosing the feel of the character, time has moved on for him, but he hasn't let go, it's a really good progression for him. All the complaints are just nitpicks, seriously it's a great game, with that great song in the last level :)
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I can think of a few.
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8.5/10 At first I wasnt really into it, it really didnt feel the same enjoyment as the first 2 but close to halfway it really drew me in and I saw what it really was, a really solid reboot of the series. That really knew how to pay respect to its characters. This is how all reboots should be.
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Sweeeet! Thanks, I'll have to do some....Investigating ;)

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Lol nononono not that....thing haha, was it out on super nintendo? If so, I hope someones made an emulated version of it or something.

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3 and 4 are 3d graphics, and not really the same, but they aren't terrible by any means, it's just that 1 and 2 are too good lol.

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Oh please let this be happening, I just finished the first game with my Girlfriend, so am totally in the mood for a new 2d animated broken sword adventure. Even though 3 and 4 werent up to scratch, they were still better than the usual games out at that time.

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Yeah, i understand your point completely dude....One can dream though lol :)

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There is huuuuge pressure for thesE games to be good, i totally agree, with the double fine adventure on top to being the most scrutinized i reckon, but looking at the pedigree of talent, these guys know what they are doing, and i trust the games will be fantastic.

I do fear there will be some bitter people who'll trash them outright, but i hope it doesnt overshadow the idea of crowdfunding games. Because i truly belive this a great thing.

Also, is there anyway to get a copy of the old shadowrun on pc somehow? I've always wanted to play it, and that was the only reason i couldn't justif putting money into it.

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A definite PC buy, At first i was a bit skeptical, but it really is a good reboot of the series, that manages to satisfy long term fans like me, and takes the series in a new direction.