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Dishonored Review

Storyline= 9


Graphic = 7.5

dishonored screenshot graphic

Selection of weapons and inventory and upgrades = 9.5

dishonored upgrades



Music and Audio= 8.5

Stealth system = 10

dishonored stealth

Over-all scoring = 8.8

All I have to say to there's a lot of fun by playing it..Try it out

Diablo 3 Review

The game from its graphic and environment elements the same from Diablo 2 only with some polishing,

Diablo 2 gameplay screen-shot

diablo 2 gameplay

Diablo 3 gameplay screen-shot

Diablo 3 gameplay screen-shot

still challenging kept Diablo's series styles from the inventory, treasures' boxes, potion and weapons


with some new staff like recruiting blacksmith and jewelry-man to craft items for your hero.


During your playing (if you played Diablo 2 before) you will be familiar with environment and the sequences of storyline and the playing stages is the same in Diablo 2.

diablo3 gameplay

You may or not facing problems with connections to game's servers, I had faced a serious problem with connection with Diablo 3 servers (battlenet server) It takes the pleasure of playing away really devastating , Blizzard has a serious problem with their servers communications FIX IT PLEASE ..

Graphic = 7 (comparing to today's graphic technology)

Music and Audio = 9.5

Storyline = 7.5

Weapons selection & inventory = 9.5

Gameplay =8.5

Connection to Battle-net server = 3.5 horrible (my internet line is very good)

Over-all scoring = 7.5

i do love diablo franchisees but if Blizzard wanted to make another online game i wont buy cause the connection is miserable

Mass Effect 3 Review

Game play=10

Weapon selection & upgrading =9.5

Graphic = 9.5

Storyline = 10


Overall = 9.5 – (0.5 from ending) = 9

Mass Effect 3 commander Shepard

Well what to say is that Mass Effect3 is THE GREATEST GAME of 2012 , it's the trilogy of Commander Shepard whom the sake of humanity , Earth and the rest of the galaxy lies on his/her shoulder to be saved..

London at sege

the complexity of the storyline sucks you in of continuously hours of gameplaying

mass effect 3 gameplay screenshot

,upgrading weapons ,solving/completing (main/side ) quests

weapons upgrading

, and searching Effective military supports through the Milky Ways (that determents your game's ending) and up on all of it wanting to know what is becoming or what is lies ahead of the Alliance's Commander path ?!! (and that's up to you ).


Most of the characters from the previous games of Mass Effect (1&2) will be anticipate either as party squad

kaidan Shepard Liara

or appearing in (main/side) quest (the characters of ME2 should survive the suicide mission if you want to see them in ME3)

mass effect2 party members

some of will play a role in Shepard's war against the reapers and some will face a doom fate .


The fate of Commander Shepard un predictable.. and the decisions those you made in the previous games of MASS EFFECT (1&2) and even in 3 (determine/or not) his/her fate .


As I said earlier it's magnificent game and there's many moments that touches the feelings and blood pressure..have fun

my consolation to people of Japan

my heart is squeezes of pain from the pics and the videos those came from Japan of the crisis that lands there .. i respect Japan for they are peaceful people ,the cleanest ,intelligence and lovelly..GOD protect you Japan

I'm still WAITING

Before i say anythingelse i would like to present a special thanks to a friend of mine "Simon " whom did me a favorite , lives in Basrah..
i'm waiting for MARCH ,April and May,whom it seem faraway to come, many great games will unleash during it :-

Game: Dragon Age 2 (PC)
Release Date: Mar 8, 2011

Game: Crysis 2 (PC)
Release Date: Mar 22, 2011

Game: Mass Effect 3 (PC)
Release Date: Q4 2011

Game: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC)
Release Date: May 17, 2011


Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 it was fun not completely horror or thriller like RE4 and isn't a survival horror game but it's still a lot of FUN.


This series of Resident Evil 5 lies in Africa were Chris Redfield (former S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team member , and an agent of the B.S.A.A. This paramilitary anti-bio-organic weapons organization )

Chris gold

arrives in a town were their people acting strangely and violently with each other, then the events started after Chris and Sheva Alomar meet the disguised agent (the butcher) who gave you the first gun and clues about something going shady .

strang town

This RE5 about project known only as Uroboros were infected villagers, horribly mutated monsters, and even series archnemesis,


and all of these lead to the whom Chris wanted most for his revenge ( Albert Wesker) fighting him multi times but in the final stage goes part1


and part2.


with cool head and steady aim take an enemy (one shoot no west ammo)

cool head aim

the events slowly turns and great selection of weapons when you finish the game and collect enough of BSAA talisman to purchase infinite ammo to your favorite gun or figures of game's characters and unlock specail clothes for them, and you can upgrade the gun you like from the money or the treasures you found .

Teamwork is necessary to take down more powerful enemies and bosses, and having someone to watch your back goes a long way toward keeping you alive by assisting by gun or giving healing .


still to work hard and fast to earn rating(A or B or C )and th time you spent to finish current level(stage).


Graphic =10

Sound + Audio= 9.5

Weapons (great selection even find missile launcher) = 10

Environments = 10

Map + inventory =7

Playing it again = Yes Overall rating = 10

Thanks for reading

BioShock 2 Review

Well take my advice don't waste your money , it gave you the fell of wetness (because you under the sea)and emptiness .

no related elements from the BioShock 1 , in the first one there is a passenger whom his airplane crashed done in to the ocean , and find his way in water to place called the rapture , then the story begins to fight his way out , end up on the surface BUT something had changed in him left us wondering about that .

well you played as a big daddy who search for little sister to get the ADMA ( like mana used to cast special spells ) .

big daddy and littel sister

you have to fight another big daddy like you to have his little sister to be yours .

fighting another big daddy

after that you have to search for a body of dead splice to let the little one harvest ADMA for you the spliceres of the area will try to steal the ADMA during the harvesting .

harevsting ADMA

after you get ADMA from little sister (either by harvest her or rescuer her )the big sister come to the picture now, she wants to kill .

big sister

deals with big sister

See the events above it will repeat and repeat each stage and level .

strike splice with electrice shock

With people talking to you by radio or learn about them by playing records, it have multi ending, I didn't bother myself about it cause I played it for my poor money I paid for it:

1. Gameplay = 7.5

2. Graphic = 9.5

3. Weapons = good selection 8.5

4. Sound = 8

5. Storyline=6.5

6. Play it again = absolutely NO

Then my rating is = 8

Mass Effect 2 Review

Great game indeed from how it is goes ,oh if Dragon Age have the same Art design and graphic (more realistic faces ) ,and what the hell is about (the game just like was advertisement for smoking), :evil:instead of sending a message to be hleathy , whatever, I imported my saves from ME1 ,you got the elements you need to start , like ( for the imported saves):

my Jane Shepard

1. About the Citadle's consuls (lived or sacrificed).

2. Wrex (lives or died).

3. Type of Shepard (spacer,Eearth…ect.)

4. Specialist (solider, Vanguard,…ect)

5. The character you romanced (Ashly if you male/Kaidan if you female) .

Kaidan in a messtion in Horazon

I really do feel uncomfortable how to describe it ,well Mass Effect 1 is so charm from storyline , graphic , soundtracks , voice acting ,sound effect and conversations as I say wonderful , for Mass Effect 2 I don't feel the same not bound with this one so much , I don't like the idea of making my Shepard gone rogue , from working with the Alliance to working with Cebreus, cause they just bring you to life again from evil company for the seek of humanity OK I get it (the game must goon) ,Citadle shrinks to four-five wards OK destroyed in the final battle against soverign ,just let get in:


1. Rogue :twisted::As I say earlier making Shepard gone rogue (that's in my opinion ) (spoiler)beside you can choose in conversations lines that Shaprd not working with Ceberus just corporate (OK not different).

Normandy goes down

2. Half story is a crew: it's look like that the half story about recruiting a new crew and working to get them loyal; hmmm!

3. Other Half story: straight to the collectors' final battle

4. Side quests: incredible little and short (what's going on?!!)

5. Love: now you can hit with aliens even with Gurse (yeak..:o what about (Ashly if you male/Kaidan if you female):cry: .

6. Now mass effect have a toilet wow :lol:, and Accessories for Commander room fish hamster..ect.

7. No more Maco : at last , but the planets scanner for a while been boring.

8. UPGRADES: nice job indeed I like it for ship, weapons, armor.

9. Female Shepard: in ME1 she react like a woman from (walking, dancing ...ect) now like a man (oh GOD):roll:.

Graphic, sound, voice acting, Space: marvelous.


Hmmm, it's just like (Benn, Bang and Boom) it gave you the feel about shooting,


I'm not against it but with little special powers if you are lucky to get all six max powers by your choice ,

fighting the geth

lift's power

and Shepard can now hack any safe or door so there will be need to your tech crew character just need them to explode a exclusive bomb and hack a geth :| ,not like was in ME1 you were really need them,and at least put some cutscnce about Alliance made a funeral for the lost commander in the beginning of the game, AND NO SCREEN SHOT :( .

In the end it's a great sequel I'm looking to the third Mass Effect3, because BioWare didn't present much in this one

I feel my review is like about Alistair in DAO (in incredible whiny) :lol:. Thanks for reading

Dragon Age Origins review

Where you're want me to start, because it all marvelous from storyline to graphic , from sound to music , and social and relationship destroyer , because you won't be able to turn your face a way from PC monitor , let me tell from storyline to endings as fallows :

1 – storyline: it's just like you are watching a great movie and make you want to complete the game just to see what's going to happen ; absolutely depends on your decisions you made earlier .

2 – Characters: from main characters to some you dialog with them, make you feel like each character has its won personality, and voice acting so great, even soundtracks it's lovely.

3 – Monsters : I love the way they describe them in the codexs from DESCRIBE the monsters depends on food's chain , the way the laugh at you when they took damage on you,( my favorite Hurlok Alpha ).

4 – Environments: each one has it unique areas; you won't feel like you've been here before.

5 – Quests: it's only will suck you from real life to fantasy world, say bye bye to anyone you know before lunch the game.:)

6 – Multi ending: of course as I say before depends on you decisions .

The bad things are :

1 - Take it as a rule in any game , if the game asks you to choose a voice to your character in the Manu creation of character THEN LEARN YOUR HERO GOING TO BE MUTE all the dialogs:| .

2 - From the developers and designers I know you made a great job just remain one thing a WOW endings not a small videos and the rest readings.

that's it have a great FUN…in signal tower fighting the ogre

The broken circle