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So technology randomly decided to hate me...

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I have gone this whole deployment without any real problems with electronics. A few things here and there, but like I said, nothing big.

Starting about August is when everything went down hill for me, is what I guess I can say.

- My cameras internal parts melted

- My webcam doesn't work

- My CD/DVD drive doesn't work

- My PSP randomly shuts off

- My ethernet port thing on my laptop has become unresponsive unless the cord is held in there a certain way

- My iPod has randomly started freezing

- My electric razor randomly broke (not so much technology)

- My PS2 (used to watch movies and play Metal Gear Solid games) does not want to read discs after 10 mins of play

Why did it have to pick this time to fail on me?!?!? I just needed it to bear with me until I got back home, but I gotta play with the cards I'm dealt

Anyone got any ideas for a new gaming laptop?

First Rant

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So this year Ive been pretty inactive in the gaming community because I'm in Afghanistan.

I just wanted to throw out a few things that were on my mind...

Commercial gamers annoy the hell out of me, all I hear is about the popular games, none of the good smaller games or indie games.

All I hear about:

-Call of Duty MW2 and Black Ops (where were all the CoD fans during CoD2?)

-Halo series (the only good thing that came out of it was Red vs Blue)

-----I really cant stand to hear how amazing these games are, because they suck IMO----

Games I've been fortunate to play this year:

- Amnesia

- Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

- A Wonder End of the World

- Fallout 3 (been playing it for a long time though)

- Penumbra Series

During the Summer, I have been able to obtain way more games that I need, but its just more for me to do when I get home from Deployment. I will be stocked when I get back to the US, but by then, more games will be out!

Games I'm Looking Forward To:

- Fallout: New Vegas (I was told its waiting at my house)

- Civilization V

- Left 4 Dead 2

- Little Big Planet 2

and many more

this rant went absolutely nowhere, but who cares?

Basically, I wish commercial gamers would expand out and look past CoD and Halo, and see the REAL games, not just the advertised ones!

Never hurts to try an indie game (they are better and cheaper!)