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that is weird, it really might be just a glitch which if it is im sorry for that cause that blows
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Hell ya EA shoudl definatly make a new SSX game i think they shouldnt remake Tricky but imrove on it and bring the franchise back to its roots, but it would be cool to have SSX Tricky updated and put on the PSN network as a full game just like SOCOM n Burnout
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Altair would get his ass kicked, dante n kratos would both rape his religious ass, Assasins Creed isnt that good its too hyped
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very tough choice. there both badass but i would say Dante just because his moves are so insane and he cant die & he is a boss, but Kratos is a monster and is brutal but ya dante has this one just because he cant die lol but there basically equal
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My top 3 are : MAG, Gran Turismo 5, and Max Payne 3. but theres also alot of other great titles coming out. I hope the new Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six come out and also the new full fledged SOCOM 4
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I love this game its the best thing in the franchise next to CoD 2 which is not available on PS3 so im stuck with this, SP is great and i love the MP, lets make a list of pple online cause i would love to get some great matches in, my PSN iD is xxOBLIVION add me wit a message sayin CoD Classic, They really should bring CoD 2 to PS3 as a Download it would be a miracle numba 2 is the best so far kills MW
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like i said in my demo review, they are similar but only in the combo frenzy combat and the vengence story line with a loss of a love one, other than that Dante's Inferno is amazing, the story is epic and very intresting. God of War 3 is probally going to be twice as good as this but this game is still going to be pretty damn good. God of War didnt start this genre of action, it just made it hugely popular, as far as i know Devil May Cry perfected the system
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I just finished the demo for Dante's Inferno. Heres my review, So the graphics are pretty good, cut scenes for example have great detail but the in game combat is nothing to special but still is pretty. The story so far with the little amount showed is going to be amazing, i havnt read The Divine Comedy but from what the game showed its going to be brutal, epic, and full of vengence and killing. I found the combat to be really smooth and fluid, Yes the game does seem to be way to close to God of War but its way different after playing it. The only similarities are - button mash combo frenzy bloodbath killings, Huge bosses, and a story tied with a loss of a loved one. But i think D.I. is going to stand its own and the upgrade system seems to be working fine. Only problems i have is so far i have seen way too many of the same enemies, i hope its not going to be just basic minions over and over with a few bigger guys thrown in. But i give the demo a 8 out of 10, i cant wait to try the full retail version, we need good story drivin games now and days, too much concentration on MP
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I think Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is wayy overrated, single player sucks and is way too short and mp is ok nothing new or exciting for a huge sequel like this, also i find the halo series to become way to overrated, Halo:CE was amazing and still to this day is one of my fav. shooters, Halo 2 changed console multiplayer forever, but Halo 3 was too overrated, it lacked the special things that made the first 2 epics
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theres different styles of playing a video game, You have your casual gamers, moderate gamer and your hardcore gamer and you dont know me so dont say im immature when your one whos trying to start an argument for pleasure
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