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How to Make Custom Badges and Banners for Dawn of War and All of its Expansions

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This is how to make banners and badges for Dawn of War.

Note: I did not write this, i give full credit to the moders union.

sure that the picture for your banner is 64x96 pixels (64x64 for
badges). This is deserves its own step because if it's a single pixel
off, the game won't recognize it and you'll never find it.

that you've got the picture you like, it's time to turn the picture
into a .tga. You will need some form of picture editing software in
order to do this. If you've got Photoshop, more power to you, Mr.
Moneybags. For those of us paupers without, I recommend the Gnu Image
Manipulation Program, or GIMP at
You'll need to download a runtime environment, but that's alright, it
doesn't affect your system. Now that you've got the necessary programs,
simply open your .jpg, then click "Save As". Choose the .tga extension
from the list it provides you. It will ask if you want RLE Compression.
NO YOU DON'T! If it's compressed, it will be the same as if you've
saved it as a .jpg. It may also ask if you want to use the bottom left
as the origin. If your picture is symmetrical, it doesn't much matter.
If it has text, or has a special design, it will flip the picture, so
just say yes. Now that your picture is ready for battle, it's time to
get it out onto the frontline.

your picture from your My Pictures with the right click menu. This will
save you time. Let me do this in sub-steps for the sake of ease:

1. Go to My Computer

2. Go to Local Disk (a.k.a. C Drive)

3. Go to Program Files

4. Go to THQ

5. Go to Dawn of War - Dark Crusade (which I'm assuming we all play by now)

6. Go to Badges (or Banners)

7. Right Click

8. Paste

Now, you should see your Badge (Banner) in the folder. Last step:

STEP 5 - THE TEST: Close
everything out, run Dark Crusade, go to the painter, see if your art is
on the list. If it's not, recheck steps 1-4 and make sure everything
was done exactly. A pixel is as a pixel does. If the picture is upside
down or inverted, go back, and resave your .tga with or without the
"left origin" option. Once your banner (badge) is up and running, play
it in a skirmish to make sure everything works in-game. I've used a
number of good looking B&B's that look atrocious in-game. Sometimes
a few colors go a long way. Now that that's done:

STEP 6 - ENJOY: Need I say more?

Hope this helps, and I hope to see your own personalized creations on this thread.


you create your own B&B, I recommend that you open the picture with
a transparent background. First off, if you don't, it leaves a black or
white square on the picture that looks silly. Secondly, when you place
it on your army, most often the color that will make up the background
will be the secondary option, so be careful with solid color badges.

My Images

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