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They released a Kinectless sku, removed apps from behind the pay-wall and modeled GwG after PS+ all to make the whiners happy. The X1 already offers the most features and the best online network on consoles; not to mention Phil Spencer preaching nothing but games while lately MS has been completely bending over backwards for gamers. Jeez, what more could you want?


Ok If I could change anything it would be that MS focuses more on first party titles instead of buying timed exclusives. I still don't think that they completely understand this.

Yeah, Microsoft needs to produce more first-party games instead of throwing money at timed exclusives. I'd say that's one of their biggest problems.

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Hmm, now I hadn't really given much thought to any of that. I guess they could make exceptions for games like this? Idk.

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If the masses don't already look at gamers and techies as worthless wastes of society, then these hackers sure aren't helping our cause.

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I don't really like to pick favorites, but for me it comes down to Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. (Of the ones I have played.)

I voted for ODST. Sure, the game wasn't about Master Chief, and it was short in comparison to the other games. But Firefight was fantastic in that game, and the visual style of the game was cool. It is also the only Halo game I've managed to get all of the achievements for.

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@Alucard_Prime said:

Your poll makes no sense TC, if you want a list of pros and cons, why are you making people chose between either good or bad?

What is an ass-backwards hillbilly troll? Fanboys for 400 please.


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It is a little disappointing. You need some level of exclusivity. You need exclusivity to choose one system over another, otherwise it comes down to which piece of hardware you like best. And I hope the One will do better in coming years.

Most of the games I want to get that are out for XBO now, are also or will be out on the PC. Dead Rising 3 ported to PC. PVZ Garden Warfare ported to PC, and also PS, and is available on the 360 also anyways. Super Time Force, which I'm looking at getting soon, was on One and 360, but now it will be on Steam soon.

On the other hand, Microsoft shows no interest at present in porting more Halo games to PC, so that's a positive.

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People made some pretty good points so far.

More Positives

I'd also agree that the XBO UI is better, and nicer-looking than the PS4 one. The colors really pop, too. I imagine I would get more out of the One UI if I owned a Kinect, though. Pinning is a great concept. Some things about the UI are still kind of hard to figure out though. It is better than how the XB 360 UI turned out towards the end with ads and stuff, I think.

I think it has a nice base of games so far, but I am looking forward to better games coming out for it. I think whoever was in charge of scouting for a variety of interesting games for the One, succeeded big-time. I think there is a lot more on the horizon for XBO gamers than PS4 gamers at present.

Something nobody else mentioned was the controllers. Personally, I think the XBO has the better controller. It is more ergonomic for starters. It also has one major advantage over the PS4 controller - you can power it with two AA batteries, or buy a charge pack. I think there are typically a better variety of charging methods for XB controllers than there are for PS controllers.

I think the hardware of the XBO is, quite honestly, great. The system seems sturdy, doesn't seem like it will break or get damaged easily. Size and comparisons to a brick be damned!

More Negatives

The XBO online 'store' leaves a lot to be desired. It isn't a library of games you can browse through like it was on the XB 360, with the 'Arcade' program. This could be, and needs to be, improved dramatically. It also isn't updated very often, and not many games have demos. You pretty much just hunt through the latest additions, best sellers, or use 'Bing' to try to search for stuff. Bleh!

Someone hit the nail on the head with cost. The XBO doesn't come cheap. Microsoft has made efforts towards reducing costs, by packaging the system without the Kinect. They also frequently do bundles of upcoming games, which might have some value over buying everything individually. But I already expect to buy a Kinect at some future date to see what it adds to the system, and I'm sure someday down the road I will want a bigger Harddrive, so the cost will still be an issue in the long-term.

A lot of the hit games on the One, even exclusives, are being ported elsewhere, or else are available on the 360 as well. It makes it tough to convince people the XBO is a good console and worth the cost, whenever it doesn't have too many exclusives going for it. But hopefully, as time goes on, it will get those exclusives and keep them.

The loss of focus on the Kinect and original programming for the system, will also hurt the console a bit. Microsoft already reversed a lot of policies leading up to the system's release, and then they had to go and make more cuts. Hopefully the programming the console does get turns out good, and the Kinect functionality turns out practical and interesting.

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Grats, and thank you. Hopefully you'll get some time to relax and enjoy some video games again. I hope you're enjoying the XBO!

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It looks pretty good. The two things that came to mind for me, back when I saw the E3 footage, was something like "Spirited Away meets The Lion King". It kind of reminded me of the old SNES Lion King game actually, except potentially a lot better. XD

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@birdgang_1: Actually a few forum posters here have made topics discussing Microsoft's efforts with the XBox brand in Japan. Microsoft appears to be making some effort to promote the system there, and they have gotten some Japanese developers interested in the system, but at the moment it's still anyone's guess if the Japanese will even be interested in the system.

Apparently it launches in Japan on Sept. 6th.

I guess one big mention that everyone has known about for a while now is Square Enix is supporting the system with the multi-console FF15 and KH3. I still think the KH3 add is kind of odd, but I guess the games have been all over the place and skipped an entire gen anyways. They are also making the new Tomb Raider game a timed exclusive.

I love seeing a variety of games and genres on any system, and I think the XBox One is doing a great job of expanding upon the brand's variety as the 360 did. That said, I don't think Microsoft should waste time on Japan. If people will buy it there, cool. But Microsoft shouldn't waste a lot of money campaigning there when it's so hard to figure out what the current trends are and if console gaming is even still a thing people like to partake in. Microsoft has a much better chance of focusing here at home, and in Europe, which is seeing tough competition from Sony.