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Weeklyish Update - 10/23/2013

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Greetings fellow Gamespotters!

I was looking around for a good picture for this blog... But that's taking too long, so I will skip it for now. Anyway, I figured it felt like time for a new blog, and to discuss what's on my mind.

First thing I noticed is that the 'notifications' on the site work now! That's pretty cool, hope it continues to work because that could be useful. Up until now, it just stayed at '0' and never had anything to tell me. Now it lets me know when people reply to me, instead of sending me an email.

Nothing gOLD can Stay

Something I should probably mention is that I've started running into computer problems with my laptop lately. Some of you might recall that over a year ago my previous laptop died, and I found this replacement amongst the junk in the closet. It is still working fine and all, but now my old mouse is broken (and along with it the USB port it was plugged into) and I had a virus or an ad program of some sort... Which, I still do, but now it isn't effecting my ability to visit here, it seems.

So just something to keep in mind - this laptop is getting old and it might just die on me one day. And when that happens, I might be absent for a while. I have started browsing around at desktop PCs (I think I'm done with laptops), but I probably won't be getting one for a time. There is always my IPod Touch, however, so I could possibly still visit GS and post some things.


On Saturday my girlfriend and I actually went to a local retro gaming convention. It was a really spur of the moment thing - a day or two before my girlfriend told me about it and suggested we go. The event was small, and being held at the same time as a marathon starting in the same building. And I didn't stay for the whole convention, but was there about 1 1/2 hours, give or take.

Despite my usual unwillingness to go to social events, and my awkwardness there, I ended up enjoying what I saw of it. A bunch of merchants were there selling stuff, mostly their own junk that they'd bought over the years. Many people brought game systems and let people play games around the room on SNES and Genesis. There was a tournament scheduled for later in the day, and a group of young guys even brought a bunch of TVs and played Smash Bros. and other fighting games at tables.

We played Street Fighter for a bit, and we both sucked at it, but I think my girlfriend ended up beating me more times than I beat her. Then we messed around on Sonic the Hedgehog for a few minutes, before walking on and looking at the junk people had to sell. One merchant had an old Teenage Mutant Turtles board game I remember owning when I was a child. Another group was selling large print-outs of maps from different NES games (why would anyone want those???) but they also had old official SNES tournament game packs, and let us play through them to try for the high score. The first pack had some weird baseball game I remember, the second had Super Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings.

After that we went by a stand where a guy was selling roleplaying games and card games, and even had a bunch of different games that you could take and play for free there at some tables. It was pretty cool, and we ended up playing a card game called Guillotine. I lost. Before we left, my girlfriend bought us some familiar game sprites made from melted beads. She got the feather from SMW, I got the hero from Dragon Quest. It is now hanging from my rear-view mirror.

Yami Rewgi

While I was at the convention, specifically when my girlfriend and I were looking at the various card games, I suggested we might try playing a card game together sometime. And since then, getting into playing some Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon CG has sounded like a good idea. Based off of what I've seen, those two card games are the most fun to play, and have good original artwork, which partially explains why they still sell well to this day.

My girlfriend remembered that she had a bunch of old Yu-Gi-Oh cards laying around, being a fan of the manga for a time, and found them for me. Her old deck was still intact, which she only used to play the game once, but she also had a pile of other cards that I used to construct a deck with. We have yet to play the game, but I'm hoping we'll be able to do so soon. I think it would be a lot of fun, and I wouldn't mind buying my own starter deck and some boosters to make my own personal deck.

Despite my years of interest in both RPGs and anime, I never actually got into Yugioh before. Which is kind of surprising to me, considering that it seems like something I would have liked. I subscribed to the early issues of Shonen Jump and read the comic for a while, also receiving several rare promo cards with the magazine. One magazine included a demo for a Yu-Gi-Oh! PC game, and I learned the mechanics of the card game that way.

I had a buddy in high school who gave me a bunch of his extra cards, all from the early starter decks, which I regretfully don't think I own anymore. I don't think any of the cards, the SJ promos included, are still kicking around anymore. I know, I could kinda kick myself now. A lot of those early cards were pretty cool, too!

I guess even after all of these years, the idea of collectible card games still sounds fun to me. The problem I had was, growing up, I never really had anyone to play those games with, or never really tried - maybe that one friend who gave me some cards would have played against me? I could see collectible cards being more functional and worth buying if I actually played the game with them, too.

Though Yu-Gi-Oh sounds the most appealing to me, I did enjoy the Pokemon card game years ago, too. My father would play it with me sometimes when I was a kid, and I figured that game out that way. It was also a lot of fun, and battling with my favorite monsters would be cool. But I guess the first test is to see whether my girlfriend will actually play either game with me.

Other Thoughts

I guess things have just been eventful again, such is the flow of life. Winter is a ways off yet, but it's coming. It has gotten colder. I actually think we could see an early snowfall this year. Idk why, I guess I just kinda feel like that'll happen.

The PS4 is about 3 weeks away now. So close, and yet, still so far. I'm excited about it, and I would kind of like to go to Gamestop on the night of the 14th and get mine during the midnight launch - that's the plan anyway. Of course, I don't know what my work schedule will be like that day - for all I know I might have to go in early on the 15th. So I guess we'll see. Either way my girlfriend already had to take off work the following day, as that is the day (*sigh*) when our kitten will be neutered.

I haven't began Christmas shopping yet. I haven't really had the money for it yet - I'm waiting on the next paycheck to come around where I have money to spend. When you get paid every other week, that's kind of the downside of it - you get a lot of money at once, but you won't get any again for a while. It's a bit frustrating because my family members have started shopping, and have given me some ideas, but I can't do anything for them, yet. And since I put off paying my one bill last paycheck, I now have two bills due this week, along with my usual rent. And groceries. Ouch. I'll be lucky if I can get a single thing for anybody this week. But at least I've got quite a few weeks yet.

Lately I guess I've been worried because I feel like I'm still not mature or responsible enough at anything. One example is that I still can't afford gifts for my family and everyone else when an important Holiday comes up. Another is that I still haven't settled into a job that I do well at. And even my girlfriend has been saying, more often than usual, that I've been acting more like a kid than a boyfriend. I find myself always asking her if I can borrow money these days for food and other stuff. I'm just not sure how to rectify any of it. Maybe my priorities suck, or maybe I'm too incompetent. Maybe I don't think enough before I act. Or maybe I'm just plain selfish. Idk. But it's reached the point where it's bothering me.

Last night, on a whim, I decided to re-watch the final episode of Breaking Bad. I still really enjoy the episode, and I do feel like it was a happy ending, despite also being somewhat sad. I guess maybe it was a little more sad this time around, because it's been almost a month since the finale and the realization is setting in that there will be no more episodes to look forward to. In memory of the series, and its excellent choice of concluding song... (I might still write that final blog, maybe just need time to gather my thoughts? Or maybe it'll be a one year later sort of deal? Lol.)

Well, time to get around for work I suppose. Maybe there's some stuff I need to figure out for myself right now. Amongst the change in seasons, work, the Holidays, and current interests there is a lot to try to make sense of. I will be thinking about what I want to write for this blog next, and hopefully if my laptop stays in working condition you will see another one soon. I have been thinking about talking some more about the next gen, and the PS4, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to say about it all yet. I guess we'll see.

~ Ovirew



A retro gaming convention sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I am keeping an eye out for an old copy of Majora's Mask as it's on the list of games I regret not playing the most. I may just get it off Virtual Console instead.

Getting presents can be tough when you have no money. I know it's a bit cheesy but you could make presents like baking cookies or cakes. It might save you a few quid.


@-INKling-  I played Majora's Mask for the first time on virtual console.  I didn't ever complete the whole thing, and actually I can't remember if I made it through that many dungeons.  But it was a pretty good game, and one of my favorite Zeldas.  I guess playing it on a Wii soured the experience a bit, but I'd say virtual console is the best way to go about it.

My family is kind of hard to buy gifts for.  I keep wanting to get them all a decent surprise gift, something that they will use and like a lot, but most of the time they don't really use what I get them.  I probably will take a bit of your advice, and just get them some cheap gift cards and inexpensive things like that.  That is what they keep suggesting anyways, but I know they would probably use those, so maybe that is the way to go.

Maybe some other year I'll be better prepared for the Holidays, and have better ideas for presents.