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Travel Fever

I started giving some thought to things I could do this year, and part of me really wants to go somewhere/do something. I'm not sure what, but getting out of the house and visiting a different place can be nice. Even if I tend to prefer staying at home.

My girlfriend and I have talked several times about going out of state, or going to a convention of some sort, and maybe something is a possibility. I'm not so sure I'd like to go to a convention since I dislike people, especially large crowds of them, and my previous attempts to go to them haven't turned out real well. But I haven't been to many cons in my day. But that really isn't at the top of my list of things I'd like to do. I'd really be more interested in just... Going somewhere, and staying there a couple of nights. Seeing different places, being somewhere else, and getting away from what my daily life has become for a while. It sounds nice.

I talked to a coworker the other day who has been to lots of places, and lived lots of places, and it kind of stirred those old feelings of adventure back up within me. I used to want to see more of the world, cities and nature, but I'm too much of a settler and I just fall into contentment with where I'm at in life. I guess that has been a huge problem with my life as a whole. I can think big and dream big, but when it comes right down to it I can never take the required steps to do something I want to do with my life, and I just keep working with what I have.

Maybe I dreamed too big and set my sights too high when I was a teenager. I wanted to travel the world and be independent, but I never had any strong sense of practicality or realism. I just kept telling myself things would work out, or I'd find a way to make stuff happen. But when push came to shove, I was just kind of lonely and didn't know the first thing about doing anything. There were all sorts of laws and rules and procedures, and steps that existed that I never really gave much thought to. And instead of being even remotely independent like my older sister, I wound up being needy and constantly needing instruction and guidance for every little thing in life.

But, getting back to the main topic... So I'd kind of like to do something this year. I know I'm limited by finances and asking for days off from work, but I'd like to do SOMETHING cool this year. Maybe I should start looking around for pamphlets or websites for interesting things to do.

Even if it's just... Something as simple as going to another big city in New York. It might be a fun time. And I'd like to wake up early in the morning and drive around to places - I don't get to do that very often anymore. One thing I enjoyed about going to Rochester for the anime convention the first year we went was the drive up, and stopping at Denny's for breakfast at like 5 AM when nobody else was there, and driving around the city. I've really kind of grown to like driving around highways and back roads, especially when they're not busy, and especially in the mornings.

It seems like when it gets close to Springtime every year, I want to go and do stuff. Maybe I just get sick of cold temperatures, poor humidity, holidays and work and money woes. It's been nice and relatively warm outside lately, and rainy. It's probably just January thaw, but it reminds me a little of Spring. And I'm excited about going out and doing things again. I think it's time to start considering my travel options...

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Travel and holidays are great especially if it's just you and your girlfriend. If you like driving then I am sure there are plenty of great roadtrips you could do and some of the scenery over there in the US is amazing. Do you live in the North East of the US? How about a jaunt over the border to Toronto? I hear it's really nice. Also, can I come!?


@-INKling- There is a lot to see in the US, but I guess I've always felt like no matter where you go people are all the same, so that kind of lessens the excitement for me a bit.  Also, I've always felt like nothing is sacred anymore - it seems like everybody has been everywhere.  So if I went somewhere, I feel like it wouldn't be a 'special' trip - I'd tell someone about it and they'd probably be like, "Oh yeah!  I went there 7 years ago!"  It's a selfish way of thinking probably, but I guess that's just this thing I have.  But I am still determined to see more of the world, anyway!

Yes, I live in the Northeast.  I actually live quite close to Niagra Falls and have been there once, as a kid - wouldn't mind going back one day.  Actually about 1 year ago I was right next to the falls, but didn't actually walk up to them or anything.  I seem to remember having a much better view from the Canada side.  We spent one day on the NY side and one day on the Canada side when I was a kid - I remember we were in Toronto or something and I bought some Fruity Pebbles.  Interestingly, their Fruity Pebbles are not like the ones in the US, or at least weren't in the 90's.

And no.  XD