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Greetings fellow Gamespot members, and forum posters! After 3 months of being active here, and about 8 years of coming here for gaming news, I've finally decided to make use of this blog. After all, I've got quite a few opinions on games and technology, as anyone who has read my forum posts would know.

Where should I start...how about with myself? Well let's see. My name is Andrew and as of this entry I am 20 years old, I live in Pennsylvania (USA) and I am and always have been a gamer. I graduated high school over two years ago, and while I would like to continue my education at a tech school of some sort (public college isn't really my thing...), I have settled for saving up money at a local warehouse job for now. I'm not quite sure what I would go to school for if I could...I always thought it would be fun to work in the game industry, but I would want to develop and design at the same time which I'm not sure is even an option. I have a good imagination and am good at creating, so I figure maybe I would make a good writer for televison/movies or comics/graphic novels. Whatever field I get into, I'd like it to be something I enjoy doing, and hopefully I will feel that I am doing something useful. I live at home still, with my parents and my dog, and I have a pretty good idea of where I'd like to be five years from now - it's just getting there is the hard part.

I'm a person who likes to have peace and quiet, and personal space. I think a lot, and while I don't have many friends I have a few regulars I've talked to on the Internet for a while. One or two friends is enough for me, and I prefer talking one-on-one with people rather than in a group or social setting. I am somewhat self-centered, and care strongly about my own opinions and thoughts, but I try not to put other people down for their way of living. I have quite a few interests, games are my most obvious one but I'll talk about that more in a minute. Of course there's writing and drawing, I am a big fan of scripted prime-time television, and right now The Office and LOST are my two favorite shows on the air. I also watch a bunch of other shows, and collect my favorites on DVD. As far as music is concerned I like classic rock, from the 60's, 70's and 80's, though I'm not as big of a fan of southern rock...some 90's stuff and occasionally a new artist or two are okay, but I really don't care too much for today's music. Incase you haven't noticed I am mostly an indoors person, but I would also like to travel and see the world, and move someplace else in a few years.

When it comes to food I'm a pretty ordinary person - I don't like exotic or spicy foods, and I could probably live off of the same thing every single day. My favorite food is steak, any kind of steak really, and I also like cheesesteaks. I like onions and mushrooms on my steak sometimes too, but I can live without it. I like pretty much anything with beef - cheeseburgers, soup, etc, so cows beware! I also like hot dogs, either with mustard or else chili-cheesedogs. I love pizza, though I can be picky about which toppings I want on it, and my favorite thing to cook up anytime is SPAM - it's good stuff, I really don't know why it gets such a bad rap. I like fast food, but I think it's as healthy as any other food really as long as you know when enough is enough. My favorite and usual fast food supplier is Wendy's, and sometimes I'll go to Burger King and Pizza Hut, KFC is okay sometimes and I also think I would like Taco Bell, White Castle, Big Boy's and Jack-in-the-Box if we had those around here. I also like steakhouses (of course) now and then, my favorite of which would be Ponderosa. To drink, I am a soda-filled-fiend and I'm usually found with a bottle of Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew in my hand. I also like iced tea, green tea, milk, and water. I dislike coffee, seafood, chicken, turkey...pretty much anything but cow, pig and the occasional chicken-based meat.

Now for the good stuff - games. Right now I own a Nintendo Wii as my home console, and a Nintendo DS for my handheld. I also play virtual console and Gamecube titles over my Wii, and I have most recently become more interested in computer gaming. My relationship with Nintendo is kind of a love/hate one these days, but all in all I would have to say that my choice to support the Wii was a good one. I recently decided that the Wii and DS will be my final gaming systems for now, though I will still continue to play PC games if I want in the future. Series' I like...well obviously a lot of Nintendo's offerings - Super Mario Bros., Kirby's Dreamland, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, etc.

I am also a fan of the following series': Disgaea, Katamari, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Phantasy Star, Shadow Hearts, Arc the Lad, Mega Man, Age of Empires, Viewtiful Joe, Mr. Driller, Castlevania, Tetris, Dragon Quest Monsters, Contra, Street Fighter...and several others that I can't seem to think of and probably don't have the room for. I have been a long-time fan of the King's Quest series of games by Sierra back in the day (and similar titles), and I also still like the classics Wolfenstein 3-D and The Lemmings. I have recently become interested in the works of Telltale Games, mainly the episodic Sam & Max series, and I have expressed great interest in playing the games MYST and Dragon's Lair. The Overlord and Dead Rising series of games are also quite appealing to me. I play World of Warcraft, though I will be on hiatus from that for a while until I find some friends to start a new group with on PVP - I will go into detail on that some more in a future post.

Where I am at right now with gaming is, the past has kind of met with the present, and I have a much different idea now of what the future of gaming should be. All of us here are gamers, no matter what the medium or genre, and I encourage everyone to expand their horizons with the game world and try out games that might pass up at first - you might grow to love the game if you give it a chance.

See you on the forums and in my next entry!,

~ Ovi