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New Comp, Lots to Take In

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Greetings Gamespotters,

That New PC Smell

Today I got a brand new desktop computer, as an early Christmas gift from my parents. It's really nice, but there is a lot to set up and figure out on it. But the good news is, no more messing around on my girlfriend's laptop, and now I can make use of this new computer room once more.

This new computer is, quite simply, terrific news all around. I'm really appreciative of the gift, and I feel kind of bad that I won't be able to afford something as cool as this present for my parents.

I have a great HDD, fantastic RAM, a nice processor, and a huge-ass screen. And I no longer have to mess with a touchy laptop. The only downside is I have no wireless card, so I had to rig up a long Ethernet cord for now... I am hoping to remedy that soon.

I'm still not sure where to begin with things, but using this PC I could potentially give the new RPG Maker a spin, and play Minecraft again. I can get back into doing some writing, maybe. I really don't know where to start. But it feels great to be back in this room again. Last night I bought some command strips so I can hang up a bunch of posters I've been procrastinating on hanging up.

The man cave comes alive!

The Chemistry of Entertainment

Lately, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I've really come to like The Big Bang Theory. I'm not sure how it happened, but I guess I wasn't interested in a lot of stuff over the years at first.

Some of you who have followed my blogs over the years are probably aware of my disliking of reality TV, and also really simple and cheesy sitcoms. I'm also not the world's largest fan of Chuck Lorre - for years I've cited Dharma & Greg as the only worthwhile show he's had a hand in. But gosh-darnit, maybe I was wrong.

For years I avoided TBBT because it didn't seem like my kind of show. I even sat and watched an episode once, and it struck me as being not-very-funny, and having a sort of forced, fake humor about it. I remember the exact episode, even - Sheldon made a robot, and was talking to everyone through the robot and hanging out in his room. The absurdity of it all, and the way people laughed at Sheldon every time he said anything - funny or not - drove me nuts. It seemed like another Two and a Half Men to me.

I was also bothered by the way the show embraced 'geek culture', bringing it to the mainstream. Nonchalantly talking about things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and comic books which I'm not as big of a fan of, and also things like video games and Lord of the Rings which I am a fan of. (Ironically, I just became a fan of LOTR last year.)

But after watching more episodes... I no longer feel that way. I find myself anxious to see, in this sometimes goofy and predictable show, new and relatable days in the lives of this group of friends. I look forward to seeing the new ways in which Sheldon alienates and patronizes everyone, Howard acts like a geeky douche, Raj acts sensitive and effeminate, and Leonard tries to deal with Sheldon and women problems.

It's kind of like the characters have become my new Seinfeld, That 70's Show or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And in a way, perhaps this is the closest a television show has come to being about me and the kinds of people I would probably hang out with. Except, a lot smarter and scientist-y.

So even though this is a show about geekdom, and geeky things, it turns out that the thing I turn in to watch is the characters and their interactions. Huh.

(Image courtesy of Deviantart user 'bantamart', apparently. Hope you don't mind! Cool pic!)

Life Changes

Yesterday was my last day working as a sales floor associate. Today I officially begin my new position at work.

I'm kind of nervous about it, but at the same time I'm eager to see how things go - if this will work out.

I'm not too worried yet, since I have tomorrow and the next day off to recharge. (And check out this computer some more!) But I do hope everything goes alright.

Tomorrow evening I am hoping to start the Christmas shopping, and I'll be going out with my girlfriend to her workplace Christmas party. I'm looking forward to that, and there might be bowling afterwards.

Time to get around for work... Let's see what this new shift is like, eh?

~ Ovirew