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General Update - 1/13/14

Yesterday was my day off, and I got a lot of time in on Pokémon Y. I beat the 3rd gym leader, caught and evolved several pokemon, and gained access to mega evolutions. I spent some of the morning playing it on my own, but then spent much of the afternoon and evening hours playing it with my girlfriend. My girlfriend skipped over catching some pokemon and battling some trainers, but is pretty much caught up with me now.

I think over the next few times I play Pokémon, there will be lots of back-tracking. I've ignored trees, boulders and rocks that I've come across until now, but I've reached a lake that I need to swim across - so I might as well start thinking about which pokemon I want to teach which HMs to. I also need to break out my Rock Smash TM. I usually agonize over this kind of stuff in Pokémon games since HMs are so permanent, and TMs are so special. But I guess I'll have to figure it out.

Life has been going alright. I was really happy to have that day off yesterday, but I do get down at work now and again. I keep thinking that if too many people were to not show up one day, or lots of people quit and I was one of the most experienced people left in the department, that things might not go so well. Sure, I do okay enough at sorting stuff for the departments I usually tend to, and I do okay at getting most of my stuff off of the line before it passes me by. My stacking job isn't always so great - that's because the job is rushy, though. But I don't think I'd do as good of a job throwing the line and moving heavy stuff as some of my coworkers. And break-packs seem difficult. I still need to learn how to do a lot of other tasks, but I'm usually assigned to the same ones. Maybe in time I will learn how to do some of that stuff well, though.

I work around a lot of people who are kind of rude, sometimes I joke that they remind me of nice prisoners. I guess when we work as a team we get stuff done, and for the most part people are nice to me, but it isn't the nicest bunch of people one could hope to work with. They often goof off and throw stuff around, and several people like to butt heads for control or try to get away with doing as little work as possible. One coworker can't seem to get over criticizing another coworker who has since left, bringing things down to petty critiques of their appearance, and these insults still become the topic of the day from time to time. I can't imagine what some of these people probably think of me, or say about me behind my back. But I guess I have myself to blame - this is where I work, and if I want to walk into a workplace and expect better of it, then I should probably apply myself and strive for something better one day.

One of my coworkers was promoted to be our lead the other day. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it works, though this coworker is bossy and a bit aggressive. Two of my coworkers have been in our department for longer than anyone, close to a decade or a little under, and I'm a bit disappointed that neither one of them have been appointed lead since they seem intelligent and know what works and doesn't work. But I guess one of them has another job and would need better pay to do it, and the company won't budge - the other, people probably would just treat like crap. I don't think the leader position really matters that much - no matter who gives orders, people will still do what they do. But maybe it will keep people from arguing about who is in charge at least. I guess my main concern is that this person will really critique how I do my job and lead me to get fired or quit even sooner than I'd hope.

My horoscope is about work being challenging today, once again. Boy, I really don't know if horoscopes have it all right or all wrong anymore. I know I probably shouldn't bother reading them but... They seem so damn accurate most days, in subjects of focus. Anyway, I guess that's what has me thinking about work right now.

I watched a few older episodes of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard dated a doctor named Stephanie, and I actually kind of thought they made a better couple than Leonard and Penny. I feel like the character fit well into the mix, but she never really stood a chance of being a major part of the show because Penny is a main character and TV show writers tend to like keeping the whole will they, won't they thing going with the female and male leads. And of course societal norms dictate that all women on TV (including a show about geeks) must include thin and bubbly women. Anyway, Penny is alright, and the show would be a lot different now if all of that happened instead. And at least Amy gave the show a different kind of female lead later on. I guess it's just a random thing I had on my mind today.

Well, I should get around for work. I guess I just felt like doing a bit of a life update. Later.

~ Ovirew