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What can I say about the things I've never said.

Nothing, and I understand it's been like that for over a year.

Maybe I'm becoming indolent, but I think it's probably that I don't have much to say, so I don't say anything. Anyway I find it's easier to posts in unions and places with smaller userbases since places like OT feel overpopulated at times and it becomes difficult to post anything without the chance of being redundant. But that's what I think right now, they may change, they often do.

I nice haul in/Marko is going to cry himself to sleep tonight.

On vinyl


Family Library of Great Music: Tchaikovsky

Family Library of Great Music: Chopin

BachL Brandenburg Concerti

Nos 1, 2 and 3

Handel's Messiah x2

Leonard Bernstein at New York and The Columbia Symphony

Doctor Zhivago soundtrack

The Sound of Music soundtrack (In before unmanly jokes)


Beethoven Concerto No. 5 In E-Flat Major, Op. 73

Stauss, Waltzes conducted by Antal Dorati

Family Library of Great Music: Wagner

Family Library of Great Music: Grieg

Family Library of Great Music: Berlioz

Best of Tchaikovsky

Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor

Prokofiev Symphony No. 5

A mash up of Brahms, Elgar, Verdi, ect.


250 Years of Great Music No. 4 and 2

contains Ride of the Valkyries, Hungarian Dance no.5, The Nutcraker Suite, ect.


Classic Evenings with Mozart

I love shops that are run by old people.

How You Know You're From My Town.

CC is not a type of alcohol

Going to "The Cliff" does not involve hiking, biking, or any other recreational activity.

You can swear in at least 4 different languages (English, Lebanese, Portuguese, Italian).

You know several people named Gino and Charbel, and think this is normal.

You think Windsor is awesome.

You think the tomato fest "gets lamer and lamer every year"…as if once upon a time it was actually good.

You put ketchup on everything.

You've waited in line behind 15 Mexicans at the grocery store.

Every street is either "Highway 3" or "old Highway 3"

You think circling the dock is a fun activity.

You've driven in the Beer Store through the "Out" and left through the "In"

You'll still go to a movie theatre even if it only has 3 crappy screens, crappy food, crappy sound, and a crappy movie selection.

You've driven past at least 7 yard/garage sales on any given Saturday.

You thought the McDeal was a good reason to walk to Mcdonald's and be late for period

You're immune to penicillin

You think the best thing in the world when in another city is to be able to get food between the hours of 1am and 6am.

You see a Tim Horton's on every street corner.

You have a teacher you likes to look down girls shirts and "accidently" rubs his body against them.

"Going out" means going to Jose's.

Forget the garbage can…you'll go out of your way to find a tennis court for your cigarette butts.

You lived through the depression (by depression, I mean when DirectTV was zapped).

"What the **** is a crosswalk?"

You recognize the names of more old folks homes than names of Prime Ministers.

You've used a shovel that was meant for snow to shovel June Bugs at least once in your life.

Throwing American dollar bills is for weddings, not strip clubs.

You or someone you know installs satellite dishes.

Taco Bell was a novelty when you were young.

You've played euchre with someone other than your grandma….
…for money.

You took Driver's Ed with either a little Asian man or big Arab man.

No open bar = no RSVP.

You've worked in a greenhouse.

As sad as it is, you'll admit that the construction of Wal-Mart was probably the most significant thing that's happened to our town in the last 10 years....

...and it's all true.>__>

Dead Lobster On The Nightfall of New Year's Eve

Hello once again everyone, please forgive for the Christmas blog that I forgot to post but anyway Christmas was great and the New Year looks promising so what's everyone up to?

Christmas was fantastic sat down with relitives, talked in ate. I also found the best gift in my life under the Christmas tree; a badass pocket watch with my name engraved on it, I feel like such an old fart but it's worth it!

In other news I met a good friend today, his skin was rough and red, he smelled liked sea water and dead fish but he was a handsome fellow.

His name was Pinchy, he was moist and full of richness, garlic or butter I could not chose because Pinchy tasted good and that's the news.

Well aside from my odd lobster ranting probably caused by some possible form of intoxication I wish you all best wish and a Happy New Year!





Five Things You May Not Know About Me

So which one of you thought these we're still alive, no one hopefully.

Although I was tagged by good local Nine Inch Nails fan Samwel_X but this time I have to post 7 songs that I like on the day of which I blog. So here we go, a side not there is a possibility that some of these songs don't have videos so I'm using a fan made one.

Nine Inch Nails- Closer

The Cure- The Lovecats

The Cure- Killing An Arab

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (Performed by this guy)

Radiohead- Fake Plastic Trees

The Cure- In Between Days

Neutral Milk Hotel- Aeroplane Over the Sea

(Anyone who post in this blog will be tagged, there is no resistance, there is no escape, there is no cow level)

In other news if some of you don't know why I don't update much it's pretty much that I have nothing to write about, that and the fact I'm a terrible writer anyway see you guys in the next blog two months from now.

Overrated_Hero's Overrated_Hero by Overrated_Hero.

(Note that this was not meant to be taken seriously this was all a joke and it was based off that guy's university application)

Overrated_Hero's Overrated_Hero by Overrated_Hero the most self absorbed person since Tyra Banks.

Overrated_Hero the man with more than one name, the man with more than one look, the only man that you see climbing mountains with the tip of his finger, and saving children from the dangers of the earth. Often seen building houses for the poor and feeding the hungry. He can grow a garden the size of Texas in his afternoon and still have time to read Paradise Lost, he is the real reason you get a hot shower at night.

Overrated_Hero job that is only mentioned in public is that he is a student while studying at school he will be making rocket blueprints for NASA while tracking down the worlds most vile criminals. Overrated_Hero doesn't need sleep the only time he does, he puts himself in a subconscious mind while continuing his day. Mostly hired by the government occasionally by the mafia none the less Overrated_Hero gets the job done, Superman was even based off of Overrated_Hero.

Overrated_Hero musically is a god; Overrated_Hero needs a new piano during each one of his magical performances because they can't take his fast fingers for more than 10 minutes before braking. What most people did not know is that Overrated_Hero was the writer or Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Overrated_Hero has been in 500 concerts, 345 bands, and has touched Robert Smith's hair.

Overrated_Hero is a member in 26 religions, there was even 4 dedicated to him. He was one of Jesus' disciples but was kept a secret; he was given the meaning of life but was later asked to return it. Overrated_Hero most historical fact is that on weekends he would play hacky sack with Plato.

Overrated_Hero has been to many wars most of the defending for what is right, other times because he was bored. Overrated_Hero was the sole creator of the Tsar Bomb and the only one who can carry one by hand. In total he has shot down 54 war fighter planes, punched Vladimir Lenin, and killed Hitler

When Overrated_Hero is not saving the world, he would be at home in the backyard playing golf with the Dalai Lama or writing updates on Maddox's homepage. To cool off some steam we will fight to the death with Bruce Lee, Overrated_Hero has not lost. He sings, he dances, he does most things that defy the laws of physics but most importantly Overrated_Hero is an excellent storyteller.

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