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A slightly momentous occasion.

As of today I have been a gamespot member for two years.

What all have I done in these two years? Bluntly put, not much.

I have exactly one blog post, (well, two if you want to count that awful one I deleted) nine forum posts, one (bad) review*, and one uploaded image. The only thing I have more than single digits in is comments. I have absolutely no clue how many I have, but I know that it's a lot.

At the moment, I believe I could go completely inactive, and I doubt anyone would really notice. I don't really know if I could change that, but I will start posting on my blog more than once a year. :P What I will post I have no idea, but something will be posted.

Anyway, since I can't really think of anything to put down at the moment, I will (by some considerable stretch of logic) call this a blog, and post it.

*The ironic thing is, that review was the main reason I joined gamespot in the first place!


I get tired of looking at my bad review of Resident Evil DS, so I replace it with an even worse blog. So, I replace the even worse blog with another one! And on the previous blog; don't read it. (and if you do, please don't leave bad comments.) Of course, I sure wouldn't be surprised if no one reads this blog either.....