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Effective methods of euthanasia for spiders.

I hate spiders so much.

I caught a big one in a box and now I'm trying to figure how to kill it, deoderant doesn't seem to work, although it is now probably the freshest smelling spider I've ever known.


I also tried burning out the oxygen in the box with a candle, but with such a slow metabolism, I think it may take some time. Any ideas?

I would not make a very good Australian.

Update: Airborne insecticides also seem ineffective

Update 2: After prolonged exposure to insecticide, the spider appears to be on his death bed, he's belly up and twitching. I would have rather he just suffocated, but what must be done must be done.

Update 3: R.I.P. Steve the spider, I gave him an appropriate funeral. Out the window. It's what he would have wanted.

Well that's 10k sorted

I reached 10k posts, hoorah.

Took a long time, couldn't have made it without all the great people in the community here. So thanks you!

Union has reached 100 members as well now, so that's cool too.

Thanks guys.

Level 100 and ponies

So, after a relatively long time of playing nothing but gears 3 (hence why I haven't been around much recently)

I finally got to rank 100,

I'm feeling rather chuffed, there's not many rank 100s out there, and so will take it upon myself to prove it to you :P

Didn't take too long, luckily I got most of it done when the exp. gained was around 30% more than it is now, the hardest bit was putting up with all the damn sawn-off shotguns.

So anyway, now that's all done, I should be able to post more, especially at the union, which I have been neglecting :x

Sorry lol.

However..........................I may not be around for about a week or so (starting now) since I may be away from my computer. This is especially annopying since I have not yet seen the new episode of MLP:FiM, and I probably wont get to until some time next week. :cry: I will try to blag another computer and post, but nothing can be guaranteed.

tl;dr: Gears 3, and I may not be around for about a week

Anyway, have fun everypony, I'll see you round.

Friendship is Magic: IMPORTANT BLOG

So if you weren't already aware, me and some cutiful people are starting a new Union.

Anyone is welcome, whether you're a fan of the show, someone looking for somewhere to have fun, or even if you want somewhere else to chat and post to your hearts content.

If you are even considering it a teensy weensy bit, come along and say hello, we will welcome anyone like a brother/sister or if you want, brony :oops:

So please, take the time to stop by.

And for your troubles of coming here and reading this, here is a Dragon Ball-Pony themed comic:

Good news from E3

I was watching some E3 coverage and Cliff Blesinski stated that the retro lancer (GoW3) has been given high recoil when hipfiring :D

which is great news. I am still sifting through stuff from E3, BF3 looks ok, and MW3...well, I doubt I'll buy it.

And I thought I had a really important exam on the 14th, but then I checked my timetable again, and I realised it's just general studies, and my first proper exam isn't until the 21st :lol:

happy days :3

I'm still here?

I just wanted to say I'm super busy atm with work exams and coursework :?

I'm still here, lurking, I just havn't the time to post.

Just wanted to say that :P

Playing Gears beta ATM :o

Gamespot Emblem!

I was bored so I decided to attemt to replicate the GS emblem. I'm quite pleased with the results :o

it looks pretty good on the playercard and on guns, although not so good up close :3

it was quite hard getting the "G" right. I'm sure someone else has done this but Its certainly one of my favourite emblems so far :P vvv Pics vvv