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I've been playing Deathsmiles.  Bullet Hell Shooters are awesome. 

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1. We may as well, unless someone has a better name for our group.

2. I vote Courtney.

3. Same as Michael, I don't care if new recriuits are invited or not.

4. I agree with the "Treat each other well" policy. 

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Double post. 


I gotta admit, deviantART winning would give me an excuse to legit follow the one artist I like on there. 


Why do you need an excuse? :P 

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I would like to post somewhere different as soon as possible.  This union is the only real reason I come on here anymore. 

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DeviantArt.  I'm already active there. :P 

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And the 3DS has plenty of games.


No, it doesn't. They're all either ports or just not worth giving that much of a damn about.

Resident Evil: Revelations is awesome.  So is Spirit Camera. 

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Happy Birthday, Courtney! 

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Not to mention that the only game that drains my battery life quickly is Infinity Blade II, and it's not like the 3DS has a stellar battery life anyway. 


Yeah, but that's not as bad, since the 3DS doesn't serve a purpose other than to play games.

If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and your 3DS is dead, you'll be fine.  If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead, your screwed. 

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I agree with everyone that isn't Cory.  I prefer any of my handhelds (DS, 3DS, PSP, GBA, GB, Lynx, etc.) to my phone for gaming.

I personally don't like using a finger-based touch screen to play games, except for games that don't require much constant swiping to play (such as Angry Birds, which is amazing).  I also hate that the games drain the battery like crazy. I need my phone to last me more than a couple of hours, and playing Angry Birds whenever I get bored doesn't allow that.