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Second blog post of the year!

I've definitely been working too much, I wake up at 5 am without my alarm now. Haven't had a whole lot of time for GameSpot lately, been working a lot at my job that actually pays, and at my job that is considerably more fun, but currently has more expenses than profit, maybe someday... As for gaming itself, I make time. Right now I'm working through Majora's Mask which is the only 3D Zelda I haven't actually beaten, and Final Fantasy II (IV) which I really only got interested in after I played The After Story on WiiWare I'm also pretty hyped to go see Billy Talent next week, should be a pretty awesome show. What have you been all up to? Does anyone else still use this site? Am I talking to myself?

No, I'm Not Dead

2000+ Karma on GameFAQs, 5th anniversary of Halo 2, 20 years since the Berlin Wall fell (that actually did happen before I was born) either way I feel old. Anyways, yes I'm still here, I don't think I'll ever be able to leave GameSpot. In other news: Please check out my friend's website Pumpki.ca! (I wrote most of the code for it, so I have a bit of a vested interest) and, as always check out my website! www.OursTeh1337.com

A Grave Issue

For those of you that are framillier with Canadian politics you know that for about the last 5 years or so the Canadian government has been a little unstable. We have had 3 elections in this time, all of them minority governments, in which the ruling political party has needed the support of one or more opposition parties to pass any laws. Up untill now everything about this power struggle has been peaceful and democratic. That has changed just recentaly.

Last week the three opposition parties united to over through the government, usually this practice is aceptable, the leading party did something to make the others mad, and create grounds for an election. This time the situation is different, the current government hasn't been in power for two months yet, and hasn't done anything controversial. What makes this situation so horrible is that if the government is othethrown we will not just have an election and let the voters decide who they want to lead the country, the opposition wants to unite the three parties and form an unelected colition government, these three parties are: The liberals, the NDP (socialists) and the Bloc Quebecoise(seperatists, and not the cool kind with droids either) These three parties want to work together to take control of Canada unelected and without any public support.

This is a grave time for the future of Canada, if you couldn't make a whole lot of sense of what I wrote, please read this:


It's Been Two Years...

Happy second birthday Wii! I'm still cold from my failed attempt...

In other news:

-It's snowing outside

-I was up to 2222 posts today on the forms. (But then I ruined it... :()

-I'm still working on that GHWT review I promised like a month ago.

-I've got a cold right now. (See point a)

-I got battle of the bands from the library, rent it for a few laughs (Miss Murder sung in country), don't bother buying it though

-Raving Rabbids 3 came out yesterday, I don't have it yet though

-I'm addicted to FreeCiv

-I've spelt "though" wrong 3 times in the last hour, twice so far this post. (I keep missing the first 'h')

That's about all I can think of for now, I've sorta been neglecting my journal, but I try to keep you updating more often. See ya! :)

The Paper Mario Union

Yes, I know that a lot of you are members, but just I reminder to the rest of you (becuase my union nvite doesn't work) The Paper Mario Union is the biggest union dedicated solely to the Mario RPG games, with a strong community of over 330 members.

Yesterday In The News

What do you think a Toronto news stations top story was? Do you think it was Heath Ledger's sudden death? The global economy meltdown? Of course not, it was the fact that the maple leafs got a new GM, something that everyone saw coming a few months ago. We have strange priorities around here.