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Fall TV Series

The shows that I'm most excited for this fall are:

*Fringe(I think it's the best TV show ever.)

*Spartacus:Vengence(I believe it premiere next January but who cares!I LOVE it.)

*The Walking Dead( The graphic novel is phenomenal and the show seems to be living up to those standards)

Curently Watching:

*True Blood

*Weeds(Such a good show. It's more than a"stoner show" if you never saw it)

Thats it for me. I'm very picky when it comes to what I watch. Feel free to dis the shows that I like or say whatever comes to mind. What are you looking forward to checking out?

My fall 2011 Games List.

After sifting through the games that are coming out, Ive decided on the games that I WILL purchase DAY 1 this fall. And I decided to write a blog and tell the world!

* Dues Ex: Human Revolution

*Batman: AC



*Battlefiled 3

*Silent Hill: Downpour(I believe this title was delayed into 2012, but Ill get i when it is released)

*Metal Gear HD Collection(Did I mention Metal Gear is my favoirte videogame franchise? Well, now you know)

There are a few other titles that I'm going to buy such as Metro:2033 and From Dust,that are in my backlog. I also havent had the time or money to get the "Severed' DLC for Dead Space 2. As always feel free to comment and add your reccomendations. They will be seriously considered.

Anime List

Not many anime programs for me to choose from this season. I've been catching up on older shows mostly. Besides Ao No Exorcist(Blue Exorcist) and Steins;Gate not much else is out there.

Currently Watching:

*Blue Exorcist


*Black Lagoon

*Gunslinger Girl



As always feel free to recommend anime that you like and I'll check it out.