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Heads up for Marvel Universe

WOW nicey so Marvel Entertainment decided not to stay in the shadow of DC Universe Online after all. Well I hope it will be a jaw breaking experience the release of Marvel Universe even though it will be only a MMOG. They should be ashamed of what they done by cancelling the project for the MMORPG version of Marvel Universe back at the beginning of 2008. This game should have been a breakthrough for physical online possibilities as well as in helping the development of the nextgen computer generated images and motion actions of the characters.

Super Hero Squad Online the game that precedes Marvel Universe is like Child's Play, only there is no Chucky but only some mumbo jumbos little figures that call themselves super heroes. Where's the hardcore fantasy promise of gameplay that every producer promises to give, the ecstasy it induces to the players while enjoying themselves kicking their pals virtual bottoms ? I will tell you, it is nowhere.

So I ultimately hope that Marvel Universe won't be just an excuse for a pathetic game. Remember : With a great name comes greater responsibility.