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My Dream Theater concert!

So as you guys may know I went to see Dream Theater this last Sunday and it was my first concert ever and I have 2 words.


Seriously, I arrived early at K.B. Hallen (the place of the concert) with my friends, so we might get a chance to stand front row and guess what, we got onto front row.

The concert started with the 3 first bands;

  1. Unexpect
  2. Bigelf
  3. Opeth

And they were really good, but of course, nothing beats Dream Theater, they came on and I started recording on my camera. It was the most epic thing I have ever seen, check my video out:





The one thing I had wished for the concert was, is that they would play my favourite song, Constant Motion, they have been in like 50+ cities on this tour and only played it like 5 times so the chances were small... BUT THEY F**KING PLAYED IT! If you dont know it, find it and give it a listen, the instrumental/solo section is amazing, sick bass, epic solo and awesome drums and a wicked keyboard solo. But because its my favourite song of all time, I HAD to record it:



Best thing EVER.


Well thats it... OH WAIT NO!

At the end of the concert I got John Petrucci's F**KING PICK! He dropped like 5-10 around the front rows and I managed to get one! OH YEAH!.

This is my best life experience ever... Thanks a bunch Dream Theater, hope to see you soon again.


Titan Wrath - My band, please check it out :P

Hey guys, as some of you may know, I have started a thrash-metal band with my friends like 1 month ago where I play drums. We have played covers until now and we did just record a song (with very basic recording gear, but what ever :P) but please check us out:


Tell me what you think of it :P.

And by the way if anyone can make an awesome logo, please tell me because our logo is so stupid right now :P.


BTW: I am going to Copenhagen next week to see Dream Theater with the band and I am looking forward to that, I hope its going to be amazing :P.

Dream Theater!

I am going over to the capital of Denmark to watch Dream Theater!

Oh yeah! Cant wait :S.

Have any of you guys ever been to a concert? :).


Merry Christmas Everyone!

First of before anyone ask: "Where the **** have you been man?" I am going to defend myself :-). I have been away from GameSpot alot of the past months because I didnt find the site interesting anymore and I still dont like the new look of it, so I am not here that often, but I am still here so no worries and I am also here to wish you merry christmas, so:

Merry Christmas!

Hope you'll have an awesome month of joy!


E3, the Aqua comeback and my leg

So the past 3 days have been E3. Nice stuff :D. But I only got to watch the Sony conference live. I didn't get home in time for the Microsoft and Nintendo ones. So I only got the emblem for Sony :'(. But what so ever, I watched the Microsoft one later on and watched some of the (boring) Nintendo conference. Anybody else agree it sucked? Anywho, the Microsoft conference was really amazing and the Sony one was also great! The new movie buying thing on both consoles look extremely good and I bet there will be bought TONS of movies. The avatar thing for the 360 looks fine too. Especially the achievement thing about it. For example if you do something great in a game, lets say gears of war, your avatar could unlock the chainsaw rifle for example. That is just genius and the second entry in the gears of war series looks really good too so I cant wait!!!

Another story I want to tell about is the Aqua comeback. Which was once named the best pop band in the world and I totally agree. And so I went to a danish concert, Green Concert, to see these pop legends come back. And they were truely amazing. Old songs were outstanding as always and news songs is sure to become new top hits!

Check out my recorded video to see them performing their 3 top songs. Cartoon Heroes, My oh my and Dr. Jones:

The Aqua Comeback 08'

Another little story is my leg. I was in a play area with my little cousin and I had to take a slide down something wierd and on the way down I fell out (...) and landed on my right leg. And ehm, I kind of broke it, it isn't broken but, it hurts REALLY much so I cant really do something good the next couple of days which is fine because... Lord of the Rings Online arrived! **** YEAH!!! I must say, that game is terrible at first because there is so much to do, but now 10 levels in, this game is a masterpiece. God its good. I will be gaming this a lot the next couple of days I am sure :D.

Well, thanks for reading this blog :D.

Be happy!



I got myself a copy of GTA IV this week and I have been playing the **** out of that game. Its awesome. The singleplayer stands out because its of course a sandbox and also because of the story. In the previous GTA games the story was stupid. This time around its detailed, fun, grim and gruesome with very likeable characters. Its just so much fun to play. And the multiplayer is even as good as the single player because you can play the whole world with your friend or you can play from deathmatch to cops and crooks, there is like 10 different multiplayer modes. Its soo awesome :D. I will play this game a lot the next 4 weeks I am sure :D.

I also cancelled my order from the danish store where I ordered Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and then I ordered it from another danish place and after 10 minutes I got a mail saying the game had been sent. Awesome :D. I downloaded the trial of it and I am sure I want to be the Guardian Class now because they are soo cool :D.

Anyhow, I think thats it for now. Ciao!


By the way, listen to this song, its awesome: Hess Is More - Ssshhhh (Radio Edit)

My birthday!

Well, today I turned 16!

And got a lot of nice presents :P.

So, the breakdown.

  1. Black iPod Nano 8gb
  2. Icemat earphones
  3. $150
  4. Guitar Hero 3 (WITHOUT the guitar. Stupid, I am gonna go return it to get more money :P)
  5. 3 months of Xbox Live
  6. Visa Electron
  7. Other stuff I cant remember :D

So I also bought a lot of things with my Visa Electron :P.

So, the breakdown.

  1. Pac-Man for iPod
  2. Peggle for iPod
  3. Total Access subscription to GameSpot
  4. GTA IV
I guess thats it. Wish my happy birthday, I appreciate it :P.


Worst day of my life! Seriously!

Okay, this day can't get any more bad right now.

Well, I started the day by going to school, where I had exams, grr, and then I went to the dentist to find out I need bracers. I was like, alright then because he only said the upper part of my mouth but, then 30 minutes later he tells me after the research on my teeth, I need on the top part and the lower part. Great ey? I then went to the glass shop, because my mom wants to get my eyes checked for some reason, she said its been too long between my last check (they dont do it all the time at my school, only, like each 4th year, its stupid) and then we went there.

I got my eyes checked, my right eye was more than perfect, she it was one of the best eyes she has ever seen, well well, I was happy then we went on to my other eye. And, slam, it was below average in looking. So yep, I need STUPID glasses now which will arrive next week. Great! (Ass-balls)

Then I went home to find out I got an email from the place I bought LotRo: SoA Gold Edition where they said they dont have it at the moment so I have to wait even more! ASS!

But the only thing today that was good is that I got a ticket to the movie: The Happening. So I went to see it tonight with my friend and you know what? That movie SUCKED!

This day is the worst of my life. Period.



I am just scared of my reputation. Over here, you cant get girls unless you are cool + fun + good to talk to + more than average looking. I am just at these points. But, I am sure that glasses AND bracers are gonna bring me down a lot. Plus I am moving school after this summer with 5 other schools colliding. A lot of fine girls there too, but picky and my GF is going good but I think she'll leave me because of my appereance. But I hope she will keep me because we talk soo good to each other but she likes good looking guys and I will go down a lot so I am scared of this whole situation.

Going to be gone for a week

I am leaving for a danish island with my class to make a group study thing and I have to leave my house for 5 days.

Guess this is the only thing I wanted to say. Oh, my computer is broken, I got to get it fixed so I hope its fixed by Friday (thats the day I return)

Bye for now!


One lucky and unlucky day!

Hi everyone!

Today in the morning I went out to get the post and I was all hyped because I wanted my damn lord of the rings online game. I got the post, and thats when things wierd! I opened the box and it had a superman shirt inside, what the hell?!? Then I called the post dude to come and see this, he apologized, took the box, went over and got another one, I was hyped, and when he came back he didn't have anything more than a damn letter. That was the 1 only unlucky thing for today.

I went to bath etc. got some breakfast, brushed my teeth, and went to school, there our teacher didn't come, then we just talked the whole lesson yay! Then we had english class. Our teacher came but said we had to go to the computers today to do some work, yay! Then we continued the day, we got another computer lesson and a double sports lesson. I returned home, went to GameStop and got Oblivion, Game of the year edition it was discounted by 50% (OH YEAH!). Went home and my girlfriend arrived, so I put my game away for now. We went upstairs and she said something like this (since its in danish and I dont recall 100% it might not be TOTALLY correct) but it was like this:

"Thomas, we have been together for a looong time. We have only kissed, nothing more (thats when I thought, whats the problem and she continued) so I thought we might take this a step further (I got some thoughts there) so why might we not just do it? (jesus christ)

I was stunned. Stunned I tell you. I woke up like 5 seconds later and said: "D, d, dd, dd, doo, do it?!? She answered: "Yeah, you're not ready?" I answered a hell of a lot quick there: "I am, I am! Lets do it!" and we didn't talk for the next 50 minutes. And we did it. Yeaaah. First time, I cant believe it. Well that was 3 lucky things (easy school, discount game, did it) and 1 unlucky one (no other game, damn!)

I cant recall being so lucky in 1 day. Well, I guess thats it for now folks, thanks for reading my looooong blog :D.



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