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yeah lol, thanks :D

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I tried to find a blu ray recorder for like 2 hours last night, couldn't find it. Only the recorders that you plug into the TV. Is there even such a thing as a blu ray recorder drive for the PC? (not necessarily external)

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aight, wasn't aware of the different content thing. thanks guys. 8)

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I own both the 360 and PS3 and been trying to figure this out for a while. Do you guys who own both platforms have a way of telling which version of a game to get? I mean the non platform-exclusive games of course. I wanna get Arkham Asylum but I can't really decide which platform to get it on, the price is the same and watching video footage of gameplay doesn't really help, it looks pretty much the same in the youtube video player. Any tips?

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Hey, just a suggestion, how about we have shoutboxes in our profile pages? It would be way easier to communicate than writing a message, it would be faster. You know kinda like the wall on facebook or something like that.
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This place is falling apart without Jeff and you can actually see it happen.. Last TTV sucked real bad, there was no On The Spot on Thursday and no Behind The Games today. What's next? No video reviews cuz the authorities gonna be afraid somebody might give a bad review? Jeff refused to be a puppet, that's all I got to say.
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right now I got 9 x360 games, gonna have 11 tomorrow. :D
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I think NG will be better. DMC games were really great, but I kinda doubt they're gonna come up with anything new, anything we ain't seen before.
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Oh man, you wouldn't belive how the rating system works where I live now (Poland). I see little kids at the game store buying Clive Barker's Jericho just like that. Nobody asks any questions. A couple of days ago I was a this big game store to get a new controller for my 360... So I grab one and go to the cash register to pay. There's this line of kids in front of me, like 5 dudes I'd say around 12, all of them with that Jericho game in their hands. So I ask the guy at the register, man, you know you ain't supposed to sell that game to them, look, it's M-rated. The guy just looked at me and said "what?" I wonder if kids can buy booze like that here. They probably can, lol.
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NYHC. Some part of the new wave of american metal too... oh yeah and I love 50. :D
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