Turned in my soapbox privilege.

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As of today I am no longer authorized to post in the soapbox, asked Jody to remove my badge and so the story ends, my friends. I'm no loger gonna be an active user, just dropping by every once in a while to see reviews and such. Definitely not active in the community anymore though. I'm not gonna make up excuses, I just simply don't feel like being here for anything else than the couple of good people I met here and the occasional review of a game maybe I'll someday play. It's kinda hard maintaining calmness and you can't use the F word and the majority of the community is made of 15 year old Master Chief worshippers. Those of you who give a damn know where to find me. So, somebody write a good editorial so that there is somebody to fill in for me in the touchy subjects area of the soapbox. Bye.