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I hate boss battles!

So, Heavenly Sword goes to the Unfinished Games shelf, because I just don't have the patience to finish the last stage of the last boss. It's almost as frustrating as the last boss in Ninja Gaiden II. All in all HS is a beautiful, action packed game, but that last fight totally killed the experience. I retried him like 20 times and more than half of that I was one hit away from winning. So I'm sorry, even though you're a hot chick with a badass sword, I don't have the nerve to do the same thing over and over. This got me to thinking a bit, boss battles can make or break a video game. I generally hate them, but some are just so awesome, without necessarily being insanely difficult. Like God of War or Devil May Cry series. Some great boss battles there, stylish and not at all impossible to win. I know this Raven King guy is beatable, but after 20 tries I'm just like 'meh'. Plus, there are no trophies in this game so who cares. I'm sure the outro movie is very rewarding and maybe one of these days when I have nothing to do I'll give the bastard another try. But right now I have 2 more games to play and this whole sword thing is just a waste of time (or, I suck at third person action games, you be the judge). Time to shoot everything that moves in 50 Blood on the Sand (got the game brand new for $10... why not).

In other news, my sleeping disorder is really acting up lately (it all started when I was about 15... so that's 12 years without a proper, long, rejuvenating sleep...) so I all my sense are pretty much numbed down to like half of their normal perception. I did a really stupid thing when I was younger: whenever I had trouble with sleeping I'd take sleeping pills. Now, nothing works on me anymore. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. No prescription drug works, I tried. Ambien, or whatever that's called worked for like a year. Then my system became totally immune to the drug. Same with valium, noctamide, etc. The only thing that is sure to make me sleep is a bottle of whiskey. But I've got almost 4 years sober now, ain't going back down that road... blah.