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A petition to Gamespot (game trailers)

Dear Gamespot staff and fellow members,

In this short editorial I'd like to ask for your opinion and support in a case that appeals to both our gamers' cravings and sense of aesthetics. I'd like to say a few words about game trailers. Have you noticed how much they have evolved over the last couple of years?

What we see now is alchemy, CG image of the highest quality mixed with brilliantly composed music or licensed soundtracks. This extremely advanced technology is no longer reserved for feature CG movies, it has now become a part of the art of making game trailers. And boy, are they impressive. The first Crysis 2, Deus Ex 3, Killzone 3 teasers, the long trailers for The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed, the Gears 3 reveal trailer, MGS Rising E3 trailer - they are all art. Think about how much creativity and hard work it takes to make something as epic as that 40 second long Killzone 3 teaser. Everything is calculated and polished to perfection.

Think about how hard it must be to create a script for a trailer that will only give you a very small idea of what the next game is going to be like, but have you craving more and more, have you wanting the game to come out RIGHT NOW. Then you have to choose appropriate music for your trailer, which can make it or break it. For example, the thing that makes the Gears 3 trailer good is the song. "Heron Blue" by Sun Kil Moon, a song so powerful and at the same time - such a simple composition. You know what I'm talking about here well: the trailers that make you go "@#$% YES!! I want to play this!!" We cannot ignore the fact, that the art of creating game trailers is so much harder than making movie trailers. In movies, you just put pieces of the end product together, put some music in the background and maybe add a couple of captions. The difference between this and making a good CG game trailer is that in the latter everything has to be built from the ground up. A team of CG artists has to be employed, a script has to be written, the whole thing has to be directed by a professional, many a times even motion capture actors have to in the process. Let's embrace this beautiful truth: the hyperrealistic, epic game trailers have become an art evolving parallel to gaming itself.

I think it is time for us, the gamers and journalists alike, to give some recognition to the people who make these short masterpieces. My petition is this, I ask that later this year, when it is time to vote for Game of the Year, a new category is added to the awards: Best Trailer of the Year. It's about time we give those hard working people responsible for this art the recognition they deserve. It really wouldn't be much, to add just one more category to the awards, I mean, we do have Dubious Honors. don't we? Let's vote for something that actually deserves a prize. What say you?