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it lives , it lives Again .........FINALLY TO THE BREAK OF DAWN PEOPLE !!!!!

Maaaan it's good to be back , you guys may or may not have not noticed but I wasn't on here for 2 and a half weeks , heh but with good reason casue After a loooong hiatus and 0 activity from it , my Xbox 360 is now !!!!!!!!!! up and running Yes , Yes , YES :twisted: hold the applauses for this was an achievenment in itself , invites are now possible at last :cool:

and with PS4 looming on the horizon and the soon to be seen 360 successor , can only look forward to more good things now and then here and there , wow as I write this .. press coverage for Sony is almost here , heheh knowing some of you like me is hoping to see the actual console rather than just hearing about it , really hope it's worth all the hype it's been getting.

Console PROBLEM..

A couple weeks agomy xbox 360 completely went RR-OD , usually revives from that but this time it flat-lined permanently; it was a good system and lasted incredibly long, anyway just a show of times who's on their first, second, third, fourth, or fifth 360


Well recently I had my gamer pic tag (little Xbox gamertag) for a good long time and now I have no idea how to change it..if any one's a real expert on this little dilemma, advice to solve this is appreciated..thanks